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Have you ever played the game of leapfrog? One person gets on the ground, and the next person “leaps” over them like a frog, then gets down for the other person to try. The game can go on forever, and can include as many players as you want.

Skipping out on things like meals, vitamins and post op doctor visits is similar to the game of leapfrog. Once you leap over one, it becomes easier to “leap” over the rest. Health leapfrog is not recommended as it can wreak havoc on your weight loss goals.

  • Taking your daily supplements is paramount to your success in maintaining health post surgery. Not taking the top 5 recommended supplements everyday is asking for conditions like osteopenia/osteoporosis, anemia, depression, anxiety, fatigue and hair loss. We get most of our nutrients from food, but with a smaller stomach, your intake is significantly less and you may not get enough nutrients to sustain your health and well-being from food alone.
  • Skipping meals is also not encouraged. Stick to three meals a day, and allow 2-3 hours between meals to let you body burn fat and stored sugars for fuel between meals.
  • When it comes to post op doctor appointments-keep them! Regular checkups and blood work is essential in tracking your health. Bariatric surgery patients are at a greater risk for many other conditions pertaining to lack of nutrition.

While leapfrog may be a fun game to play with kids, it is not encouraged to do so with your health!

Photo Copyright: songbird839 / 123RF Stock Photo