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Bariatric Diet

Blossom Bites is our nutrition program that teaches clients how to stay healthy after bariatric surgery

Learning how and what to eat after weight loss surgery is one of the most important topics that comes up for our post-op clients.

Under the direction of our in-house Registered Dietitian, Alex Concepcion, you’ll have plenty of direction in providing the proper nutrition your transformed body will need.

You will meet with him one-on-one during your initial consultation to discuss the adjustments that you’ll need to make to your lifestyle. We also require a pre-operative ‘class’ lead by Alex to better understand the lifelong nutrition to make you successful. As a post-op Blossom Bariatrics client, you have access to Alex for general questions or concerns at any time!

Alex is passionate about helping you understand nutrition and is eager to give you guidance for life-long weight loss success.

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Bariatric Diet Articles & Videos

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