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75561_10200123251257610_1784001848_nWe are excited to announce that Big D, a DJ on Las Vegas’ 93.1, ‘The Party’, will be joining us in creating our monthly newsletter. Big D will be writing in the beauty section and sharing his struggles, stories and victories as he continues through his weight loss journey post surgery.

12363087_10207233386445934_4049797181289356449_o(1)Big D has struggled with obesity since childhood and has tried every diet out there. The only problem is that none of the changes he made seemed to work. When he met our team for his consultation appointment, he shared that he was always known as the chubby kid in his school years, and in his later teens became ‘the fat kid.’ When he was at his heaviest–440 lbs–he knew something had to change. That’s when he met with the Blossom team.

When asked his reasons for wanting to have the surgery, Big D lists his family as top priority. At 13 years old, he lost his father, and that has had a huge impact on his life. Though his father’s death was not due to obesity, it still pains him to think what life would be like for his own kids (4 years and 5 months) if he lost his battle with obesity. So Big D took the first steps, and had the surgery.

BigDfamNow, almost 3 months since surgery, Big D is down almost 100 pounds! In his own words, Big D says, “I also want to lose for me. I want to look better, feel better and shop better! Yes, a guy just mentioned shopping! I can’t wait to be able to go into any store and find a shirt. My shopping life has always been, “Excuse me, where is the big & tall section?” Then I’m pointed to a rack of the 10 ugliest shirts ever sold. It will be a good feeling to get to the point where this is not the case.”

We would like to welcome Big D to our team, and look forward to learning more about how he overcomes challenges faced after surgery and share with him in his successes as he continues to work toward his goals.