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I’ve really gone through so much since my last blog, not sure I even know where to start this one.

Let’s go to this past Wednesday @ my 2 week post op check up! Things are great! I’m losing weight at a steady pace and have now been cleared to graduate from the funnel diet to REAL, ACTUAL FOOD! When I left Blossom Bariatrics after the appointment, it really felt like this was a new chapter in my weightloss journey. This is not a race, more of a full marathon. It’s hard to believe that it’s already been almost three weeks since my Gastric Sleeve surgery with Blossom Bariatrics! The best part of the whole experience is, the education that Blossom Bariatrics provides through the entire journey. They even have helped my wife understand my new life so we’re both better prepared. My first experience chewing real food again was shredded chicken, it was delicious & filled me up quick too. Learning what to eat and how much is my latest challenge but your stomach is really good at sending you signals like, “Yo, big guy…ENOUGH!” HA! So after working in a few different things over the last few days & seeing how my new stomach would react, everything is good so far. There is a chance after surgery your “new stomach” will not really react great to some of teh foods you were use to. Meaning REAL food, not fast food, time to hang that up for good. I mean stuff like the shredded chicken I had, my stomach could have not agreeded with it but it did. That went well, so have scrambeled eggs and tuna fish. I’m very proud of my weight loss so far and to be honest, it’s crazy how fast it falls off. I haven’t been to the gym yet but I have been cleared to get in. I do walk around as much as possible to keep everything working. So, weightloss, where have I been and where am I now? Check it out!

6 weeks ago: 410 lbs

3 weeks ago: 391 lbs


I cannot believe how far I’ve come. The post surgery weightloss moves at a different speed for everyone but the most important part is YOU taking charge of you life and kicking your weight problems butt! It takes someone who has had it, who is ready to make a difference for the better. You can do it for family, friends, your kids but whatever your reason, grab it by the throat and go after it. I know you can! I had my doubts about my strength and if I could actually make this change, could I actually do it? The answer is YES!!

Thinking about making a positive change for your body and future? Call my friends @ BLOSSOM BARIATRICS -> (702) 463-3300 or visit

Dr. Tom is amazing, his staff is top notch and he’s the only person I would take this life changing procedure from. Then entire staff is now a part of my journey and I know they have my back every step of the way!!

I appreciate your support & thanks so much for reading!

Big D