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Taimi's Success Story

When I turned 60 last year I decided it was time to do something about my weight problem.  A combination of genetics, prescriptions, thyroid problems, and depression over chronic fibromyalgia and arthritis – combined with a love of good food (I’m a former restaurant...

Taimi’s Success Story*

Nutrition for Life Bariatric Friendly Recipe with Michelle Our in-house fitness and nutrition specialist, Michelle Phelan has spent years with us and our clients to perfect bariatric nutrition guidelines. From your initial consultation, to before surgery, two weeks after and nutrition for life, Michelle...

Bariatric Friendly Recipe with Michelle

Look at this amazing transformation that has happened right before our eyes here at Blossom Bariatrics with one of our own family members! This is Dr. Tom’s medical assistant Val. Val has gone from 207lbs to a comfortable and glowing 138lbs! She says, “I...

Val’s Story*

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