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Tricias Story

I no longer obsess about food. I’m in control! I no longer live to eat; I eat to live! Having a healthy relationship with food is the best feeling and one I never thought possible. – Tricia B. *This is an actual testimonial, however,...

Tricia’s Story*

Courtneys Story

I know this was the best decision I made for myself. I don’t have to take anymore meds and I’m no longer diabetic! I have more self confidence! – Courtney G. *This is an actual testimonial, however, individual results may vary

Courtney’s Story*

Sandys Weight Loss Story

I went zip lining on my 65th birthday and went on a 4 hour hike over a glacier in Alaska! I would never have considered this before surgery. I have more energy and I’m able to give more of myself to others. – Sandy...

Sandy’s Weight Loss Story*

Keren's Story

I love that I have more energy. I do more; I took a trip to a different country because I had the confidence and energy to make it happen! I am running and I love it! I am so grateful for the freedom and...

Keren’s Story*

Toms Weight Loss Journey

Everything – I mean everything in my life is easier. I have completely rejuvenated my life from the inside out. I feel 20 years younger, I’m happy and I laugh and smile all day – everyday! *This is an actual testimonial, however, individual results...

Tom’s Weight Loss Journey*

Bettys Story

Keeping up with my grandchildren has been a real confidence booster. I feel much better, look better and feel healthier! I got off my diabetes meds and even got a whole new wardrobe! *This is an actual testimonial, however, individual results may vary

Betty’s Story*

Kris's Weight Loss Journey

I feel more capable than ever; physically, mentally and spiritually to achieve my dreams. I am no longer trapped in a body that didn’t fit how I felt on the inside. Now I am free to live my life the way I choose! *This...

Kris’s Weight Loss Journey*

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