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My name is Kathy and I had gastric bypass surgery three months ago, almost to the day. I decided to do this because six years ago my health was in jeopardy. Dr. Umbach changed my life. I have lost a significant amount of weight...

Down 5 Sizes

Hi, I’m Michelle Phelan, nutritionist at Blossom Bariatrics, and today we are going to answer some frequently asked questions from our patients. Kenny from Palm Spring, California, asks, “My partner and I both had bariatric surgery in 2013 by the same surgeon. Jose lost...

How to Stay Slim After Bariatric Surgery

Hi, my name is Kristofer Foss. I had surgery a couple of weeks ago. It will be two weeks on Friday, I believe. I found out about Blossom Bariatrics through some colleagues of my wife that have had surgery. They worked at Valley Hospital...

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