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CONGRATULATIONS, Mallorie Monk! Mallorie is our very first Movable Challenge winner. She successfully met (and exceeded) the “Add a Little Spring to Your Step” Challenge by achieving at least 10,000 moves every day for two weeks! Mallorie started her weight loss journey with us...

Our First Movable Challenge Winner

Every question is a good question, and if you haven’t asked your question yet, it’s very likely another client (or twenty) have already asked. So I have started blogging about answers to your most common quandaries. These are concerns that post-operative clients share with...

Mischievous Little Snacks

Hi. My name is Janet and I’m here to tell you about the gastric bypass surgery that I had and my husband, Dennis’, after I had mine in April–he had his in September. He decided it was such a good deal for me that...

I Can Do Jumping Jacks!

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