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The Blossom Beauty section of our site was developed to empower both men and women who have undergone bariatric surgery to love their bodies during every stage of their weight loss journey.

We want you to live your new, post-surgical life to the fullest. After years of working in our field, we’ve come to understand that a significant part of thriving after surgery is embracing your new body, and the self-confidence that goes along with it! Once you’ve hit your goal weight, we offer a free post-op photo shoot with our personal photographer complete with hair and makeup! We encourage you to bring ‘before’ photos so we can feature you on our website and social media. To schedule your shoot, contact our front office.


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Dressing for the holidays is something to look forward to. You get to put away the ugly sweater and bring out the glitter and glam! This year more than ever, celebrate your body and how far you have come on your weight loss journey...

Put Away the Ugly Sweaters…

On any weight loss journey, there are times when you feel more successful than others. The trick to overcoming the difficult times is being grateful for how far you have come. As your health and fitness goals become within reach, you will be thankful...

Love Your Body Challenge

As a potential bariatric surgery client, you may have some fear in regards to the procedure and life after. It may feel scary to think about how you will change your diet post surgery, how you will handle your changing body, and how you...

Fear of the Dressing Room

As the summer begins to wind down, your feet are probably showing the wear of summer–cracked and dry from a combination of summer shoes and excessive heat. Now is the time to show your feet some end of summer loving. We suggest adopting this...

For The Love of Your Feet

Are you dreading swimsuit shopping? This year you don’t have to because we are making it easy for you! We’ve got the keys to finding the right suit for your body type. We’ve made it easier than ever to not only find the best swimsuit...

Finding the Right Swimsuit

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