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Michelle_Phelan copyUnder the direction of our in-house fitness and nutrition specialist, Michelle Phelan, you’ll have plenty of direction in providing the proper nutrition and exercise your transformed body will need. Michelle is a Certified Nutritionist, Functional Diagnostic Practitioner, Sports Nutritionist and Certified Personal Trainer. She specializes in natural healing modalities and alternative ways to help people heal with food and better diet choices.

Blossom Bites is our nutrition program that teaches you how to stay healthy after bariatric surgery. You will come to better understand what you need to change in your diet in order to maximize the effects of the surgery and stay at your healthy weight – permanently. Our Blossom nutritionist provides weekly vlogs (video blogs) on nutrition, exercise, supplementation, and more to keep you motivated and successful.

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When I turned 60 last year I decided it was time to do something about my weight problem.  A combination of genetics, prescriptions, thyroid problems, and depression over chronic fibromyalgia and arthritis – combined with a love of good food (I’m a former restaurant...

Taimi’s Success Story

Look at this amazing transformation that has happened right before our eyes here at Blossom Bariatrics with one of our own family members! This is Dr. Tom’s medical assistant Val. Val has gone from 207lbs to a comfortable and glowing 138lbs! She says, “I...

Val’s Story

First pic was before surgery Aug 2016. I was about 220. 
Skinny pics are from this week – I’ve only actually lost about 30 (at surgery I was 208) but I lost TONS OF INCHES I guess cause I went from size 15 jeans...

Karen’s Story

I won’t dwell on the negatives for long because there are too many positive things to reflect on. We all know the story, gain weight, lose weight, gain more back and the cycle continues. Never mind the impact my weight had on my body...

Sharilyn’s Story

I wonder if Dr. Umbach really knows how much he improves people’s lives through surgery. I hope this letter will show him. My name is Janet. When I came to Dr. Umbach, I weighed 241.5 lbs. I took medicine for high blood pressure, cholesterol...

Janet’s Story

I had experienced weight issues for most of my adult life. Then, I decided to quit drinking, smoking and drugs all together in 2007. I then lost about 60 pounds to go with my new life change. Well, after I got married, I gained...

Rafael Adame

I am coming up on my ‘surgerversary’ on September 29th. I had the gastric bypass with Dr. Tom. I am small and didn’t need to lose much (70-75 pounds). I shed 50 pounds easily and have gone from a 3XL to a Large/Medium. The...

Meet the New Carole

Candi’s Journey I went to Blossom Bariatrics after my primary care doctor referred me. I weighed 315 pounds when I stepped on the scale at Dr. Rupert’s office. My first appointment at Blossom Bariatrics was in early July. From the start, everyone at Dr....

Meet the New Candi

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