Let’s Get Moving!

With Certified Personal Trainer Dwayne Bright

In this FREE ‘functional movement class’, we will focus on small movements to get your blood flowing!

This is a beginner’s class, so anyone and everyone is encouraged to attend.

Saturday mornings from 10a-11a at Blossom Bariatrics! Space is limited.

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Blossom Bodies is our all-important – and extremely effective – fitness program. As you are already aware, a key component of losing weight and staying in shape is exercise. We’re here to help you keep your transformed body lean, strong, and full of newfound energy.

With new content constantly coming out, Michelle Phelan, our nutritionist and fitness specialist, will push you and motivate you to keep your activity level up, heart-pounding, and calories burning! You’re going to love working out with Michelle.

Take a moment to watch one of Michelle’s recent posts below for a taste of the kinds of exercises she’ll have you doing about two weeks post-op.

7 Benefits to Resistance Training

Losjudah Fitness 7 benefits of resistance training vs. cardio alone

  1. Resistance training helps keep the weight off for good.
  2. Resistance training protects bone health and muscle mass.
  3. Resistance training makes you stronger and fitter.
  4. Resistance training helps you develop better body mechanics.
  5. Resistance training plays a role in disease prevention.
  6. Resistance training boosts energy levels and improves your mood.
  7. Resistance training translates to more calories burned.

It’s important to remember that when losing weight, you develop lose skin. A person on a weight loss journey needs to be aware of the space being created under the skin while losing the weight, a resistance fitness plan needs to be implemented in order to replace the fat with lean muscle to keep a lean shape and prevent to much loose skin.

The instructors are awesome! Love my weekend exercise with these guys! – John B. I love the chair yoga. It helped so much with my tense muscles! – Arthur M. Love it! Need it! And will be back next weekend. I feel so good after! – Emily B.
Great workout. I love our weekend, it keeps getting better! – David P.

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As we enter the new year and more people begin to refocus their efforts on healthy eating and exercise, it’s the perfect time to create a fitness calendar. This calendar will allow you to track your goals, actions and weight loss all in one...

Creating a Fitness Calendar

Traveling allows you to unwind, reduce stress, and even reduce risk of heart attacks! Regardless of intentions, it can be difficult to stick with your exercise program while traveling, but travel doesn’t have to result in a complete interruption of your healthy habits. Here...

Exercise and Travel Go Hand in Hand

Yoga is a way to truly connect your mind, body and soul in a world that is becoming more disconnected than ever. Take a break from distractions of the world to connect with the world around you through the art of yoga. This is...

Benefits of Yoga

Did you join the Blossom Summer Season Sprint Movable Challenge? Even if you didn’t, it’s still important to keep pushing forward in your exercise program through the end of the summer. Keep your activities fun and challenging enough to elevate your heartbeat, break a...

Move Through the Summer

The days are longer, the sun warmer and the reasons to move your activities outdoors increase. However, your chances of becoming dehydrated or developing heat exhaustion can increase as well if you don’t take precautions. With a little preparation and knowledge, you can stay...

Exercising in Summer Months

Don’t forget that as your activity levels increase, it’s more important than ever to keep your body hydrated. Our bodies are approximately 60 to 75% water, and it’s important that we replenish what we lose via urine and sweat. It’s even harder to stay...

Keep Your Body Hydrated

CONGRATULATIONS, Mallorie Monk! Mallorie is our very first Movable Challenge winner. She successfully met (and exceeded) the “Add a Little Spring to Your Step” Challenge by achieving at least 10,000 moves every day for two weeks! Mallorie started her weight loss journey with us...

Our First Movable Challenge Winner

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