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Blossom Buddies is your ticket to immediate friendship and support.


For a limited time, we are offering free one-time one-on-one sessions for Blossom Bariatrics clients with our therapist Bobby Turner. Please call the office to sign up!

Along with enormous successes, a significant life change such as undergoing bariatric surgery can also bring about new challenges and adjustments. At Blossom Bariatrics, we are prepared to assist you throughout the transition.

Support Groups – Nobody quite understands what you are going through like others who are in the same boat. Under the direction of our certified therapists, Bobby Turner, a past bariatric client herself, we connect you with peers and leaders so you can support, coach, encourage, and lean on one another when you might need it most.

Support groups are an excellent resource where you’ll find people who share your goals of health and wellness. Bobby leads in-person support groups for those in the Las Vegas area while our Blossom Bariatrics leads online support groups to connect with our clients unable to attend in-person. We are devoted to people who have common experiences, who can share their feelings in a safe environment, and who develop relationships that can contribute to improved physical and emotional health. We’ve found that our most successful clients attend support groups regularly.

If you are thinking about weight loss surgery and you want to learn more about the client’s perspective or to help reluctant family and friends better understand the process, attending a support group meeting can be invaluable. Check below for the support group schedule and join us!

Click Here for the Support Group Schedule

*Note: Support Groups are listed below the Seminar section.

Individual Sessions – Our certified therapists are also available for one-on-one counseling sessions.

Again, Bobby Turner provides superior in-person service for those in the Las Vegas area and, for our traveling clients, we are thrilled that Krista Carpenter will be available via Skype, FaceTime, or by phone.

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When I was a beginning therapist, professors and colleagues consistently warned me to put myself first–even before my work and my clients. I could not imagine that. I went into this field because I wanted to help others. Didn’t that mean that if someone...

Putting Yourself First

Let’s face it, the holidays are not always ‘the most wonderful time of the year.’ In this busy season, we are affected by many stressors including, dealing with family dysfunction, handling our food restrictions, and achieving our weight loss goals. These stress factors, if...

Surviving the Holiday Season

The benefits of practicing gratefulness are widespread. People who take the time each day to list 5 things they are grateful for sleep better, are more positive, have stronger immune systems, and see their relationships strengthened. Being grateful even in tough times helps one...

Want to be Happier? Practice Gratitude

It is normal to have some fear about what will happen after weight loss surgery. Fear can actually be a motivating factor, but when it becomes something that we are spending a great amount of energy on, it becomes harmful. Without fear after weight...

Fear of Failure

Patients of weight loss surgery often experience life-changing transformations.  Some of these changes may feel great: weight loss; new friends; new hobbies.  Unfortunately, some changes may not be so wonderful: feeling judged; grief; continuing body images concerns.  Transitioning to a smaller body has its...

Smooth Transitioning after Weight Loss Surgery

“My parents sat around the last 25 years of their lives, scared to hurt their bodies. They didn’t do anything fun, visit anywhere exhilarating, or make any exceptional memories,” said a blue eyed stranger, sitting next to me in a local coffee shop. She...

Daring to Live Fully

Are you hanging on to old clothes? A lot of people desperately cling to old clothes that no longer fit them. Having a box of “skinny pants” is like a dark cloud that hangs over your head saying, “I was better back then.” Many...

Freedom From Clothing

Summer is finally here. We will be spending more time outside and getting a lot more sunshine! I am encouraging everyone to show off their new and improved bodies this year, and soak up some rays. Showing some skin can benefit you in many...

Show Some Skin!

Take a moment to write down five people that you think are extraordinary, and include a few words describing what you think makes them special. Now, set that aside for a moment while we talk about redefining beauty. Both men and women are brainwashed...

Redefining Beauty

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