Personal Investment

Paying with cash or financing a portion/all of your procedure.

Our comprehensive personal investment covers everything you need to complete consult to surgery in as little as 3 days!

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At Blossom, we do things a little differently. Even if you don’t have the bariatric benefit, we may be able to utilize your insurance for a portion of your procedure! Verify insurance here!

It’s a common question and concern when researching surgical weight loss...

“How much will this cost me?”

At Blossom Bariatrics, we understand the challenges of funding your weight loss procedure. That’s why we have worked diligently to offer a competitive all-inclusive price and the most comprehensive care available!

Pricing for each procedure depends on many variables, and your appointed Insurance Advocate will walk you through all of the costs associated with your procedure.

We are confident that when you compare our costs and benefits with those of other providers you will agree that Blossom Bariatrics offers the best value in the nation.

If you are paying out of pocket for your procedure, click below to request a cash price.

Lyle Success Picture

What a wonderful experience! I'm now the lightest I've been in 40 years and my energy level is that of a 20-year-old! Thank you Blossom!

Astrid Success Picture

I love my sleeve, I would do it again in a heart beat. I got my life back. I'm happy, confident and I feel healthier than I ever have before.

Myca Success Picture

Blossom's attention to detail and care for their patients has been a blessing to me. I am no longer taking all the medications I was prescribed before the surgery and I am in much better health!

The price of our procedures include:

Pre-Operative Consultation Icon
Pre-Operative Consultation

with Surgeon, Dietitian and Insurance Advocate

Pre-Operative Labs Icon
Pre-Operative labs,

EKG and surgical clearance**

Blossom Bariatrics Digital Binder Icon
Blossom Bariatrics Digital Binder

for Pre- and Post-Op Success

Nutrition Evaluation Icon
Nutrition Evaluation

with Registered Dietitian

Hotel & Transportation Icon
Hotel & Transportation

for Out of State Patients

Facility Fee Icon
Facility Fee

at our State-of-the-Art Surgery Center

Surgeon Fee Icon
Surgeon Fee
Anesthesia Fee icon
Anesthesia Fee
Pre-Operative Beverage Icon
Pre-Operative Beverage
IV Therapy Icon
IV Therapy
Post-Op Photo Shoot Icon
Post-Op Photo Shoot
Support Group Icon
Support Group
Monthly Email Follow Up Icon
Monthly Email
Follow Up
Additional costs that are not covered:
  • Protein Shakes and Vitamins
  • Airfare
** In some instances, you may be required to get testing and clearances from your primary care physician or specialist.
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