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and accepting NEW clients!

Our Statement

We are extremely excited to resume business and continue our fight against obesity – stronger and more efficiently than ever before!

Please take a moment to review our Approach to COVID-19, outlined below.

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If you are a new client interested in beginning your journey, it starts HERE and NOW! Email [email protected] or determine if You Are A Candidate

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COVID-19 & Bariatric Surgery News

What This Means For You

Before you head to Las Vegas for your procedure, please take the time to review our approach to COVID-19 by reading each section below, so you have a better understanding of what to expect when you arrive!

A few key points that you will notice upon arrival

  • We will provide a face mask for you to use during your time with us. You are required to wear the face mask/covering at all times that you are in contact with a driver or staff member of Blossom or Warm Springs.
  • Please do not bring your companion to any of your appointments. We will arrange a second pickup for your companion on the day of your surgery. Your companion will be waiting for you outside of the surgery center once you are discharged.
  • Please be aware of social distancing and hygiene protocols inside Blossom Bariatrics and Warm Springs offices.
  • As always, if you have any questions at all, please call 855-BLOSSOM to speak with your coordinator!
Blossom Bariatrics Approach

Clients Upon Arrival

  • Companions will not be allowed to join you during your appointment at this time.
  • Patients in face mask (provided by driver)
  • Patients given hand sanitizer, pumped into hands by staff at front door. Staff open door for patient.
  • Patients given their blossom bag with personal pens to be used solely by patient throughout visit
  • Patients asked screening questions, temperature taken
  • Patients escorted to assigned seat

In Lobby

  • Assigned seats, chemical wipe that seat/armrest/space before and after patient leaves clinic. UVC wand the area between patients.
  • Seats removed and rearranged to ensure social distancing
  • Hand sanitizer available throughout lobby

Upon Check in at Front Desk

  • Staff in mask, hand sanitizer for each member
  • Maintain social distancing where possible
  • No passing of pens/payment/papers between staff and patients unless absolutely necessary


  • Staff in mask and face shield
  • Social distancing unless direct patient contact is necessary
  • Hand washing for patient and staff
  • Staff in gloves, wash hand before donning gloves, wear gloves when with that patient, discard with proper technique, hand wash again
  • Patient touches as little as possible
  • Wipe down any surface patient comes into contact with, and use UVC when available
  • NO PFT tests performed

Client Coordinator

  • Staff in mask
  • Social distancing unless direct patient contact is necessary
  • Hand washing for patient and staff
  • Staff in gloves, wash hand before donning gloves, wear gloves when with that patient, discard with proper technique, hand wash again
  • Patient touches as little as possible
  • Wipe down any surface patient comes into contact with, and use UVC when available

Ultrasound Room

  • Staff in mask and face shield
  • Social distancing unless direct patient is contact necessary
  • Hand washing for patient and staff
  • Staff in gloves, wash hand before donning gloves, wear gloves when with that patient, discard with proper technique, hand wash again
  • Patient touches as little as possible
  • Wipe down any surface patient comes into contact with, and use UVC when available

Doctor Consult

  • Staff in mask
  • Social distancing unless direct patient contact is necessary
  • Hand washing for patient and staff
  • Patients sit 6 ft from doctor
  • No hand shaking
  • Patient touches as little as possible
  • Wipe down any surface patient comes into contact with, and use UVC when available

Dietitian Consult

  • Virtual, until further notice

IV Therapy

  • Consider using additional rooms so patients are less crowded together, alternatively space them out so no more than 3 pts in IV room at a given time
  • Staff in mask and face shield
  • Social distancing unless direct patient contact is necessary
  • Hand washing for patient and staff
  • Staff in gloves, wash hand before donning gloves, wear gloves when with that patient, discard with proper technique, hand wash again
  • Patient touches as little as possible
  • Wipe down any surface patient comes into contact with, and use UVC when available

Staff Guidelines

  • Temperature check on arrival
  • Low threshold to report potential COVID-19 symptoms
  • Staff will be tested first if testing kits become available
  • Social distancing
  • Frequent hand washing and hand sanitizer
  • Avoid congregating with other staff
  • Strategic lunch breaks to minimize # of staff in break room
  • No shared utensils
  • No unnecessary visitors, vendors, deliveries
  • Wash masks as instructed
  • Doors open, encourage air flow and ventilation
  • More frequent air filter replacement
  • UVC use in alternating rooms and common areas, some in AM some in PM
  • Optimize staff that can work from home
  • Gradual reintroduction of staff to Blossom as deemed appropriate/necessary
  • Continue virtual meetings for now
  • As possible, minimize gatherings/excursions outside of work.
  • Clean/wipe all areas patients contact after the patients leave that area and before a new patient enters
  • Wipe down doorknob and light switch after using staff bathroom
  • More frequent cleaning of patient bathrooms
Warm Springs Surgical Center Approach

Arrival and Discharge

  • Companion will NOT be permitted in the building
  • Companion and client will receive the discharge instructions video via text
  • Companion will be scheduled to be picked up from hotel when the client is almost ready to be discharged
  • Companion will be required to stay in the vehicle, and client will be walked out
  • Paper/disposable masks given to client on EGD day and Surgery day by their driver. Client should also travel with personal cloth mask and/or bring their own disposable masks.
  • Client will be required to be screened before entering the building
  • Automatic hand sanitizer will be used (by the client and the staff member doing assessment)

Inside the Lobby

  • The front door will remain open so as to have the fewest points of contact as possible
  • Any doors that need to be opened will be done by the staff
  • Client will sign in using a pen they will keep
  • If a clipboard is needed, it will be wiped down with each point of contact
  • All surfaces will be wiped down after each contact (chairs, countertops, doors, light switches, etc)
  • Any clients that need to stay in the waiting area will be staggered between the two lobbies.
  • Distancing of at least 6 feet between clients and staff where possible.
  • All surfaces/rooms will be exposed to UVC light between clients and at the end of the day wherever feasible.

Preparation for Procedure

  • Only clients needing a pregnancy test can change in the restroom
  • Restrooms will be wiped down after each use and UVC light used as well.
  • Client escorted to bay
    • Change clothing if not already done in the restroom
    • Midline will be done at the bedside (to minimize the number of times a client has to move), with just the nurse
      • Midline room will be used for overflow (5th, 6th, and 7th EGD client)
      • A curtain will be used to keep the air flow moving throughout the room
    • Metabolic will be done at the bed and filter will be changed every 50 tests (the recommendations is every 100) as an added precaution


  • Once the OR doors have closed, no one will be entering or exiting
  • Only essential people will be in the OR
  • If something is needed (equipment), OR nurse will communicate to sterile processing tech to bring
    • The long grasper should stay in the OR
    • Equipment that needs to be passed in the OR will be done via the door with only enough space to safely pass the equipment through
    • Alternate walkie talkie between cases of the scrub tech and OR tech that needs to be wiped down before being passed on
  • During the EGD, scrub tech needs to stay on the opposite side to limit the risk of exposure to client
  • UVC light and virucidal wipes used on all surfaces between clients.

Post Op

  • Client will remain in their bay
    • Utilizing the chair in their area for sitting/walking phase (no longer using the recliner)
    • Remain in chair or bed until transportation is ready to receive client
  • Companion must remain in the vehicle and the client is brought out to them
  • Each Bay
    • Will be wiped down following standard sanitation protocols
    • Will have a sweep of the UVC light for added measure of protection
    • The trash for the client will be removed
  • The operating room
    • All trash removed
    • Standard sanitation protocols
    • Turn on UVC light for a minimum of 5 minutes in between each case


  • Same screening process as our clients upon entry to the center
  • Change in to scrubs and shoes at the beginning of the day
  • A mask during the entire shift is mandatory
    • Only change mask if you scrubbed in the OR
    • Store in plastic bag when eating
  • All hand hygiene procedures will be strictly enforced
    • Hands must be washed before each encounter with a client
    • Hands must be washed after each encounter with a client
  • You MUST wipe down the restroom after you use it including the doorknob and light switch
  • No drinks can be at the nurses station
  • No one should wear PPE in to the break room
    • Breaks should be staggered and there should never be more than 2 people on a break at the same time
  • Assignments of jobs and duties will be given on each day
    • Cleaning of the client restroom (MA or CST)
    • Setting up lunch (MA or CST)
    • Decontamination for the entire day (CST)
    • Scrubbing In and Sterilization will alternate every other case (CST)
  • Remove scrubs at the end of the day
    • Soiled scrubs should be put in a clear trash bag for transport home
    • Leave shoes at the rack - or take home in a separate clear trash bag


  • All deliveries need to be left outside
    • Mail
    • Supplies
    • Food
    • Linens
  • No additional persons should be in the center
    • Vendors
    • Drivers
    • Pest Control
    • Nonessential personnel
Mr George Transportation Approach

Mr. George Transportation (MGT) is committed to providing this VIP service while ensuring the safety of our clients and their families, our drivers and other staff members.

Effective May 1, 2020:  MGT drivers are required to wear a face mask during their entire shift, whether or not they are transporting a client. Cloth face masks should be washed daily with detergent and then drying on highest dryer setting.

Safety Measures for Vehicles & Drivers

  • The MGT driver thoroughly cleans their entire vehicle before first client is picked up and at the end of their shift after last client is dropped off – including seats, arm rests, door handles and other highly touched areas. Using both virucidal wipes AND UVC light.
  • The MGT driver will clean highly touched areas after each client transport.
  • MGT driver is to have the following items on hand: gloves, hand sanitizer, spray disinfectant and disinfectant wipes, and UVC light.
  • Drivers are solely responsible for touching door handles. Drivers should minimize touching clients unless necessary.
  • Drivers should use restroom in WSSC courtyard or at Blossom.
  • Drivers should maintain social distancing where possible.
  • Drivers should avoid going into WSSC building.
  • For their own safety, drivers should also avoid going into Blossom. Ideally, lunch should be taken in the car or outside near the car. But if desired for lunch or breaks, use Blossom as the break room is bigger and social distancing is more practical.

Safety Measures for Clients

  • Driver will provide face mask/covering. Please put it on before entering the vehicle
  • Upon pick-up, please do not touch the driver, or the vehicle
    • The driver will open the door(s) for you, please wait while driver opens both doors
  • Please limit the contact inside the vehicle – minimize contact with surfaces in the vehicle
  • Use hand sanitizer provided upon entrance to the vehicle
  • During this time, it is advised to leave your companion at the hotel for all appointments – MGT driver & staff will arrange a second pick up for your companion when your surgery appointment is completed at Warm Springs Surgical Center
Presidential Limo Protocol

Dear Partner,

There is no doubt as to the worldwide impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)- we wanted to let you know you and your loved ones are in our thoughts. The outbreak has affected us all, and your concerns about safety, family, work, travel, events, meetings, and beyond are well justified.

As part of our duty to minimize risk during the COVID-19 outbreak, we ask that all partners comply with ongoing international and local medical advice for the prevention of the spread of the virus. This includes measures such as ensuring all vehicles are cleaned and sanitized after each passenger’s journey and drivers and/or operational staff, exhibiting any symptoms of illness are removed from duties.

We have contingencies in place to ensure the continuation of our 24/7 operations. In the event of any suspected Corona virus-related incident either affecting our ride or disrupting your normal operations e.g., driver or vehicle availability, you must immediately contact our Operations office.

  • Door handles, vehicle interiors including rest arm, displays, radio, and ventilation will be sanitized between services.
  • Chauffeurs are instructed to report any symptoms immediately.
  • Chauffeurs with any illness symptoms are immediately sent home.
  • All the reading material, such as magazines and newspapers have temporarily been removed from all the vehicles.
  • No beverage will be served by the Chauffeurs, plastic cups only.
  • Chauffeurs stays inside the car at the whole time, passengers responsible for loading and unloading their own luggages.
  • We are waiting for NTA and the Governors order for any social distancing policy. We will keep you updated ones we get it. Everything is subjected to change based on NTA requirement.
  • All airport pickups are direct transfer unless additional charges are prepaid.
  • We disinfect and sanitize each and every vehicle before and after every run. To keep you and your loved ones safe.
  • For people living in the same household, (No restrictions)
  • All vehicles completely disinfected before picking you up.
  • Limo Chauffeurs will be behind a closed partition.  Zero contact direct policy.  You just have to open and close your own door.
Hotel Partners Protocol

Hyatt remains committed to providing safe and clean environments and to upholding the highest standards of cleanliness at all hotels globally.

Guided by Hyatt’s purpose of care and experience delivering world-class hospitality for more than 60 years, our Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment further enhances existing operational guidance and resources around colleague and guest safety and peace of mind. This multilayered commitment will build on Hyatt's existing rigorous protocols and include an accreditation process by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) at all Hyatt hotels around the world, colleague training and support resources, and a cross-functional working group of medical experts and industry professionals that will contribute to various aspects of the hotel experience.

Global Cleanliness Accreditation

In May 2020, Hyatt plans to introduce a GBAC STARTM accreditation through a performance-based cleaning, disinfection and infectious disease prevention program that will focus on establishing hotel environments that are sanitary, safe and healthy. The GBAC STARTM accreditation will include detailed training at more than 900 Hyatt hotels worldwide, and Hyatt intends to complement this with regular internal and third-party auditing.

GBAC is a division of ISSA, the worldwide cleaning industry association, and is composed of leaders in the area of microbial-pathogenic threat analysis and mitigation, designed specifically to deal with biological threats and real-time crises like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hotel-Level Sanitization Specialists

The wellbeing of colleagues is at the heart of Hyatt’s business and core to advancing care for guests and customers. In response to COVID-19, Hyatt is continuing to develop new work procedures and mandatory trainings in an effort to ensure safety for colleagues and guests.

As part of Hyatt’s Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment, by September 2020, every Hyatt hotel will have at least one person on property trained as Hygiene Manager, who will be responsible for their hotel adhering to new operational guidance and protocols, some of which may include:

  • Colleague certification, trainings and recertification process for hygiene and cleanliness
  • Increased frequency of cleaning with hospital-grade disinfectants on all high-touch surfaces and areas such as lobbies, guestrooms, restaurants, meeting and event spaces, recreational areas, public restrooms, fitness centers, elevator buttons, all employee areas, and more
  • Implementation of enhanced food safety and hygiene protocols for restaurants, room service, and group meetings and events
  • Prominently placed hand sanitizer stations throughout hotel public and employee areas and entrances
  • Exploring purification and sanitization device installation in an effort to ensure air quality
  • Protective masks and other equipment worn by hotel colleagues
  • Social distancing guidance in public areas across hotel properties
  • Evolving new policies in consideration of guidance and information shared by various health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), local authorities, and other leading organizations and experts

Cross-Functional Panel of Industry Experts and Professionals

At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, Hyatt assembled a global cross-functional response team and engaged infectious diseases and occupational health experts to support efforts with COVID-19 research findings and information, which enabled Hyatt to promptly update detailed guidance to hotels and address specific needs and situations.

Hyatt continues to engage additional medical experts and leading industry professionals as part of its commitment. The goal of the working group will be to provide counsel on key areas of Hyatt’s business, challenging Hyatt to act even more holistically in this new environment. Topic areas include:

  • Health & Hygiene
  • Colleague Safety
  • Food & Beverage Safety
  • Travel Journey
  • Space Design
  • Contactless Technology
  • Wellbeing

Hyatt’s Global Care & Cleanliness Commitment is an important expression of our purpose to care for people so they can be their best—now and in the future. We want every Hyatt guest and colleague to feel confident that each aspect of our commitment is designed with safety and wellbeing in mind.

Guests are required to wear protective face coverings over their mouth and nose due to Nevada State requirement that mandates compliance.

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