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Dress With Confidence for Your Holiday Party

Choosing a flattering holiday dress is easy when you dress for your body shape. Here are a few tips for dressing a round, briolette, hourglass, emerald or heart body shape…

If you have a round body shape, that means you carry a little extra in the middle. This is a beautiful body to be flattered by a straight dress, like you see in the pink and it’s all about accessorizing and drawing the attention up near the face, like using a sparkling necklace, or a jacket that has some curve to it.

The Briolette is a beautiful body that carries more weight on the bottom than she does on the top. This beautiful body is flattered by embellishments on the top half of your holiday dresses. So looking for things like a V-neck holiday sparkle, like the dress on the left or something that has a tapered waste with the embellishment at the top like the dress on the right.

The hourglass body shape is one that is equally proportioned at the top and the bottom. This beautiful body is flattered by wrap-style dresses like both the styles you see here.

Emerald-shaped bodies are beautiful bodies that don’t have a lot of curve. So you want to create curves with your holiday dresses by looking for dresses with ruching or deep neck lines, like you see here.

The heart-shaped body is a beautiful body that carries more weight at the top than she does at the bottom. For this body type you want to keep the girls locked and loaded for the holidays. So looking for dresses with wider straps, like this blue dress, will really flatter your body beautifully.

We hope you have a blossomly-beautiful holiday season. If you need help shopping for your holiday dresses, you can visit us online at for an online shopping consultation.

Happy Holidays!