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Video Testimonials

Easiest Surgery I Have Ever Had

My name is Bonnie Cossub and I had a lap band done in 2008. I just had Dr. Tom Umbach take out my band on March 25th. He just did my sleeve two weeks ago on June 10th.

I heard about him from being in the medical business from one of the hospitals I used to work at. I heard a lot about his business.

When I came in for my consultation, he was really nice. I felt like he understood the business really well, and who we were as people needing to lose weight.

The practice here is really amazing. Everybody is super nice. They really get you, as far as what you need.

I had the surgery at North Vista. I have to say that of all the surgeries I have had, this is the absolute best surgery I have had, the best place I have had the surgery. North Vista makes you feel like your part of a family there.

As far as recovery, this is the easiest surgery I have ever had. I did not have any postoperative pain. I didn’t have any medications. I was back on my feet the next day, just doing a little bit of walking and I feel great.