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Exercise After Weight Loss Surgery – Body Weight Exercises

Welcome to Blossom Bodies. Today we have two really amazing guest trainers with us, Kristen and Tiff from Riot Conditioning. They’re here to show you some really great tips…

Today we’re going to talk about body weight exercises and these are exercises you do with one piece of equipment and that’s you. Your body is the resistance. You can do these anywhere. So we’re going to start with a push up. There’s different options that we have. We can use a chair, a bench – first we’re going to start with the chair. With your legs straight bring in the body weight down to the chair, the chest down to the chair, or you can also just come to the knees. Push that chair away, hands wide, chest down, head stays up, aligned with the spine. We’re just going to push up. We’re going to do ten of those, three sets.

Okay the next exercise is, start with a crunch. Go ahead and sit down on the ground, knees up high, heels flat on the floor. You can have hands across your chest or behind your head. Now a crunch – you want to come up, chin up to the sky, make sure those shoulder blades come off the ground, squeezing your abdomen. Exhale as you come up and squeeze. Inhale as you let go. If you’re ready, come up to a full sit up. Bring it up, whole body up, all the way forward. Come all the way down, shoulder blades down, all the way up, and back down. Again, you’ll go for 10 reps, three times.

The next exercise we have dips. You can find a bench, chair, anything you have around the house. Keep your feet close to you for support. You’re going to go ahead and bend those elbows, making sure they’re not coming out, trying to keep them pointed back the entire exercise. You go down to a 90 degree angle and press up. Your body weight is your resistance. If needed, use that foot to help get you back up. Again, go for ten to twelve reps, for three times.

Those are our body weight exercises. You can do them anywhere at any time. Thank you for watching this episode of Blossom Bodies. Now get out there and move.