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Just like everything else in the world we live in, there is a reason people place importance on fashion and style. Whether or not you believe so much emphasis should be placed on what a person wears, from what seems like the beginning of time, the garments that adorn our bodies tell a story; tell our story.

In ancient times, a king was known by the robe and crown he wore. The same was true of a queen. The way her dress fit and even the colors she chose all said she was royalty. At the same time, in the same way that clothes signified the rulers and dignitaries, what peasants wore also classified their place in society. Along with telling our story, fashion and style shaped identity. This proved especially true for women. In the 1920’s, ladies embraced a flapper style of dress and attitude which saw “a new breed of woman” wearing shorter skirts  and bobbed hair, a far cry from the long manes they wore prior. These women were against the accepted form of behavior and had no issues letting people know that.

From that time on, the look and feel of what is fashionable and in style changed in a way that made it not the cost of the clothes that necessarily gave you your identity, but the kind of clothes that enabled you to make your statement. For instance, pearls had long been considered classy and chic but today it does not matter if you can afford real ones, you can still create the look that communicates class with faux strands of the coveted stone.

That is why fashion and style hold such highly regarded places in society today. It shows the world what we think, who we are, how much money we have (or don’t have), how we feel, what kind of person we are and so much more.

And for fashion lovers, there is perhaps no better time to be alive!

Now more than ever, the “anything goes” mentality is not unique to those who just don’t care. Everyone can incorporate that approach in their style choices. So yes, mixing polka dots and stripes is OKAY. Wearing shorts with boots is OKAY.

Go for what works for you, for what makes you happy and for what tells your story.


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