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Are you dreading swimsuit shopping? This year you don’t have to because we are making it easy for you! We’ve got the keys to finding the right suit for your body type.

We’ve made it easier than ever to not only find the best swimsuit styles, but easier to shop for them, too. Simply click on the swimsuit selection and in just a few minutes, your shopping is done for the year!  We guarantee you’ll like our picks.



The Hourglass Body

For the Hourglass Body, anything goes! Halter necklines and underwires will hold “the girls” in place, high-waist styles are fun and flattering and cutouts show off your curves.

Here are our top picks for your body type:

1. Halter Bikini

2. Bohemian Bikini

3. High-Waisted Bikini

4. Cutout One-Piece

5. Lace-Up One-Piece



emeraldThe Emerald Body

If you have an Emerald Body, avoid rectangle tops. Instead choose tops with more shape. Diagonal details will create curves and fringe and ruffles create visual interest.

Here are our top picks for your body type:

1. Ruffled Bikini

2. Triangle Top

3. Flounce Top Bikini

4. Ruffled One-Piece

5. Wrap Style



heartThe Heart Body

Ladies with a Heart Body should avoid ruffles on the top – having them on the bottom will draw the eye down. Choose suits with darker colors on top and more color and details on the bottom.

Here are our top picks for your body type:

1. Halter Bikini

2. Skirted Bikini – will create balance for the top

3. Underwire One-Piece Halter – Will keep the girls locked and loaded and create shape in the rest of the body.

4. Swimdress– Swimdresses create balance between the top and bottom half of the body.




roundThe Round Body

If you have a Round Body, any swimsuit with ruching will be flattering. If you prefer a bikini, find one with bands to create lift and tuck.

Here are our top picks for your body type:

1. Halter Bikini

2. ​Ruched Tankini

3. Ruched One-piece with tummy control

4. Draped One-piece with tummy control

5. Wrap style cover up – wrap style camouflage the tummy area




briolette-swimsuitsThe Briolette Body

Ladies with a Briolette Body should look for higher cut bottoms and tankinis, which make the body appear longer.

Here are our top picks for your body type:

1. Miraclesuit

2. Swimdress

3. Ruffle Top Tankini – The ruffles on top will create balance for the bottom.

4. Skirt Tankini – The solid bottom will minimize the bottom half of the body while print on top will draw the eye up.

5. String Styles -Baring more thigh will make your legs look longer and leaner.



Dare to be bold and beautiful this season! 

Still need help finding the right swimsuit for you body type? Book a 25- minute live online consultation with ASK EMILY.