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As the summer begins to wind down, your feet are probably showing the wear of summer–cracked and dry from a combination of summer shoes and excessive heat. Now is the time to show your feet some end of summer loving.

your feet 500We suggest adopting this routine twice a week: before going to bed at night, soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salt to soften the dead skin. Rub the rough spots with a pumice and smooth on some moisturizer with exfoliating alpha hydroxy acid-we like Eucerin Intensive Repair (found at drugstores.) For extra moisture, lock in the moisture by covering with 100% cotton socks.

your feet 0030187248130_500X5002As you enter your 30’s you begin to lose the cushion of fat on your feet. Ever wonder why your feet begin to hurt a little more? It’s not just that you are getting older. Lining your pumps with a rub-reducing blister block will help calluses from forming on your feet. Lotions with salicylic acid plus humectants assist with  wearing away layers of dead skin, and also draw in moisture. We suggest Cerave Renewing SA Cream, found at drugstores.

your feet DRS-REMEDY-NAIL-POLISH-SPRING-2014-300x237As you roll into the 40’s, the years of polish can cause discolored nails, fungal infections and calluses. If you find yourself with this nail nastiness there is no need to worry! You can easily fight back. Start by filing the top (not the tip) of your nail, then apply Dr.’s Remedy Enriched Nail Polish to fight the fungus and still look great. If you find yourself with calluses, break them down with a cream containing urea. This dissolves keratin, which is what holds the top layer of dead skin.

your feet AP-3RPAs you enter into your prime in the 50’s, the years of sun begin catching up with you! You may begin to notice sun spots or cracks on your heels as the fading estrogen levels dry out skin everywhere. Lighting agents such as hydroquinone or licorice extract can help eliminate those fun spots. And, to mend cracks, experts swear by the micro-pedi buffer found at Target.

As summer winds down, continue to step out in confidence. It’s the best thing for your image!