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I really wanted to address the symptoms of gallbladder removal or gallbladder removal before your weight loss surgery. Many patients find that if you’ve had your gallbladder removed prior to your weight loss surgery, eating food and high fats can still cause those uncomfortable symptoms like running to the bathroom, the gurgling, the bloating, yeah, you name it, that’s usually not fun is it.

So when you have your gallbladder removed, you no longer are able to have enough bile to break down fats found like in cheese, dairy products, and meats, like red meat, which are all perfect foods for post-ops. So what I have really found is that there’s a product out there called ox bile or ox bile salts and this product simply replaces the bile that your body would normally produce when you ingest, you know, high fat meats and diary products like cheese. So this product has been shown to help your body emulsify the fat so you don’t get those uncomfortable symptoms. Something else that goes hand in hand with ox bile would be your digestive enzymes.

Now if you didn’t catch it in my earlier video, about the importance of digestive enzymes, digestive enzymes basically carry the wide range of digestive enzymes that your pancreas produces when you eat foods. So digestive enzymes in conjunction with ox bile are a great combination if you have the symptoms of having to go to the bathroom after you eat high fat foods.

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