If you’ve been searching for an effective weight loss solution but either do not qualify for or simply don’t want to undergo bariatric surgery, the newly FDA-approved, non-surgical Gastric Balloon Procedure may be the perfection option for you.

What is the Gastric Balloon?

The Gastric Balloon procedure is quite simple! While you are lightly sedated with an anesthesia, Dr. Tom will endoscopically insert two connected, medical-grade balloons into your stomach – no incisions or scars necessary! He will then fill the balloons with a saline solution so that they take up an appropriate amount of space within your stomach. After about 20 minutes altogether, he will then remove the endoscope and the procedure is complete. The balloons remain in your stomach for six months.

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With the balloons in your stomach, your appetite is significantly suppressed as you comfortably adopt healthy eating habits. You will feel full more quickly and your body will stop telling your mind that you need more food than you actually do.

During your weight loss experience, you will meet frequently with our support staff who will coach and motivate you as you achieve maximum results.

After six months, Dr. Tom will deflate the balloons and endoscopically remove them. Once removed, most clients are able to maintain their weight loss or even continue to shed pounds.

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Is the Gastric Balloon Procedure Safe?

The Gastric Balloon Procedure has undergone extensive clinical trial and has been deemed safe by the FDA. The dual balloon design conforms to the curvature of your stomach for a comfortable fit. The balloons are connected so that if one balloons deflate, the other holds it in place preventing it from passing through the digestive system.

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Who is The Gastric Balloon Technology For?

The Gastric Balloon is designed for people with a lower BMI than those who typically qualify for bariatric surgery (between 30–40). If you are overweight but do not qualify for bariatric surgery, you may qualify for the Gastric Balloon Procedure.



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How Effective is the Gastric Balloon Procedure?

In a recent study, clients who underwent the Gastric Balloon Procedure lost more than 2x the weight of those who attempted to lose weight with diet and exercise alone.

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