Healthy Holiday Tips

Planning ahead is key to eating healthy during the holidays. Everyone has their holiday food triggers; determine what yours are ahead of time and come up with a strategy to control them. Call your host or hostess and ask what will be served so there aren’t any surprises, or ask what you can bring or contribute – that way you’ll know there will be at least one bariatric-friendly dish available.

Protein First

Meat like turkey, ham and fish need to be the first items you eat at the holiday dinner table. The rule is: Protein first!

Vegetables are usually the next go-to. Most are healthy options unless they are mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes made with sugar and butter. Allow yourself one bite of your favorite dish once you have eaten your meat and vegetables.


Appetizers can also be challenging. If you eat too many before dinner, you might not be able to eat at dinner-time, given how small your stomach is post-surgery. So it’s important to gauge how long you will be at a holiday event and also how long it will be before the main meal is served.

If you are hanging out for more than two hours watching football or chatting before you eat dinner, go ahead and have a bit of cheese or vegetables with yogurt dip. Bring your own sugar-free dessert or treat to the gathering.


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