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I am finally enjoying being in pictures!… The ones where I am all nice and tan are Hawaii in July [2014]. I got to go ziplining because I didn’t weigh too much!! and fit in a scuba shirt they had on the boat for the snorkeling trip. 🙂  The headshot is from November [2014]. The others on a cruise I took to Mexico in Jan [2015]… I am very happy with my weight loss but was so hoping to be at 175 by now….

More afters… The black outfit and the grey outfit…first time I went shopping after losing all that weight! It was fun! The 3rd picture is my hiking with my son with 20 extra pounds on my back…I would never have been able to do that before. I hiked with him in Hawaii too…people kept commenting on that lady carrying a kid hiking in the humidity…I was secretly proud. The last one is Jan. [2015] in Mexico.


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