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I wonder if Dr. Umbach really knows how much he improves people’s lives through surgery. I hope this letter will show him.

My name is Janet. When I came to Dr. Umbach, I weighed 241.5 lbs. I took medicine for high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. I had just gone from being pre-diabetic to having full blown diabetes. I also had sleep apnea, severe arthritis, lower back pain and incontinence.
I weigh 138.8 today. I would like to lose one more inch off my waist. (It’s a Dr Oz thing.)
Even though I did strength training twice a week for 10 years, I did not lose weight. However, I believe strength training kept me mobile. After my surgery, I really got to see the results of all that work. I still go and I don’t ever plan on stopping.

I lost 15 lbs before my surgery date, Feb 16, 2016. On that day I had gastric bypass surgery. (My insurance would not approve the sleeve). Dr. Umbach removed a hiatal hernia at the same time he did my gastric bypass. Almost immediately, I stopped snoring at night. After 45lb weight loss, my lower back pain was gone. My diabetes was totally gone; it wasn’t even borderline anymore. I no longer take any of the aforementioned prescriptions. I don’t wear pads for incontinence, and I can sleep through the night without getting up to pee. (Sometimes I would be up as many as 5 times a night.). I still have arthritis, but I do not have much pain anymore. I think my improved diet helps as well as the weight loss.

I think the biggest change is that I don’t wake up sleepy, like I had ever since I was a teenager. My whole life I struggled with getting up in the morning. Now, it is not a problem at all. I have so much more energy. I can actually cook a meal without sitting down every 5-10 minutes to rest. Same with doing the dishes or other household jobs. I am so grateful to be able to pull my own weight (pun intended) around home.
I have become much more active. I took a trip with friends to Mazatlan during the summer for a week. My husband and I have camped once a month since August. We actually took our trailer on a 3.5week trip clear up to Vancouver, BC. When sales people see my driver’s license picture, they comment on my weight loss.
I had the surgery for health issues, however, it is so nice to look better. Shopping for clothes turns out to be fun. I used to hate it.

I do have one regret; I wish I would have done it sooner. I suffered longer than I needed to.

Thank you Dr. Umbach for improving my quality of life. My husband is so thankful also. Our life is so enriched, because you care so much for people like me.


*These are actual testimonials, however, individual results may vary. Price depends on multiple factors including health history and known insurance benefits. Program does not include airfare or meals.