Lost 155 Pounds in 6 Months

I have to say that every team member at Blossom is super awesome! From the first consultation visit to my 6th month follow up appointment, everyone made me feel at ease and comfortable. That is very important in any situation, whether it is at a restaurant having dinner, or going to a store. Being recognized, acknowledged and taken care of in such a way makes an establishment stand out. I commend Blossom on their dedication to superior service! Having the surgery was a huge life changing decision. I have always been fat from around age four. I have never been close to being skinny, ever. With the threat of diabetes and severe sleep apnea, I had to do something. The gastric sleeve was the answer. In six months I lost 155 lbs. There is no more threat of diabetes and sleep apnea. All my tests show normal. And as a side effect, I look great! I used to wear size 46 pants. Now I wear 30-32s. My old shirts were 4 XL, now down to a large. I work in the public and still to this day, I get compliment after compliment. 20+ a day. It really is a great feeling and confidence booster. Thank you Dr. Tom & staff! The best part as a result of having the sleeve is the fact that I do not feel hungry anymore. The desire to go to the fridge, snack and gorge myself is gone. I still love food, but in healthy moderation. I followed the diet prescribed to the “T” (and still do); after a couple weeks it became habit. Now it’s all I do, and I refuse to go back to my old self. On December 5, 2014 the old me passed away on the operating table. The “NEW” me was born.

-Michael L.

*This is an actual testimonial, however, individual results may vary

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Tom Umbach

Tom Umbach

Bariatrics is Dr. Umbach’s Passion! His practice is 100% devoted to helping Las Vegas gastric sleeve and gastric bypass clients achieve healthier lifestyles. It brings him great pleasure to see clients shed their excess weight and enjoy the simple pleasures of life – playing with their children or grandchildren, riding a roller coaster for the first time, or starting to date and travel.

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