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When we challenged our Movable Minions to make a half-a-million moves in half-a-month in teams of three, we admit we weren’t sure how it would turn out. That’s A LOT of moving and averages to almost 12,000 moves per day per person on each team.

Well, you marched, you mamboed, you monkeyed around… you MOVED and we had two qualifying teams make the mark!

After the coin toss, our winning team consists of the following Moving Maniacs:

Regina Vargas

Paula Barnard


Janelle Shields

CONGRATULATIONS! Regina, Paula, and Janelle will each receive a $50 Dick’s Sporting Goods Gift Card to buy something amazing that keeps them moving and making magic!

After reaching 668,732 combined moves, here’s what our victors have to say:


mega ReginaVargasRegina

“This was my first challenge and each day I wanted to do more than the last.  I work for an employer that encourages exercise everyone in my department had a Fitbit, I didn’t but after my surgery I started to walk with them so in between making iv’s and chemotherapy we would walk laps in the iv room. When someone didn’t feel like doing it we would motivate each other. That kept me going, I think when you can see how much you have moved and the miles it makes you accountable for yourself and when you see the pounds starting to come off it makes it so worth it in the end. There is nothing like hearing you’re doing such a good job. I had surgery March 24th 2014 and have lost 40 pounds. I’m so grateful for this life changing experience.”




mega 20150528_090438Paula

“I found this challenge to be a good motivator to make me more aware of my activity. I have been at a stall in my weight loss for a while now. With wearing the band and being more aware of my activity I was able to finally lose 2 pounds. There were times that I didn’t want to walk or exercise but I pushed thru it and feel better when I’m out and about moving. This challenge also pushed me to try different activities that I haven’t been able to do in years. My daughter helped me thru the rough days. She helped me come up with an exercise plan for me. It’s great that she is able to participate in this journey with me.”




mega JanelleShieldsJanelle

“When the challenge started on May 1st I was just two-weeks post surgery. Even though I had not been “released” to my physical fitness program, I knew I could walk … so walk I did!

I work out of my house and the only one who motivates me, well, is ME! So I took ownership of that and reestablished a schedule that would allow me to get my moves in. I just wish someone would invent a tracker that allows you to track your movement in water because I work out two times a week in a deep-water exercise class and we move a lot, so on those two days I had to make sure I also got in my “land” movements!

Also my dogs motivated me to move. They love going for walks and when I couldn’t find the energy for me … I did it for them!

A challenge will keep you accountable and motivated so I would encourage everyone do it at least once! MOVE ON!”


Again, thanks to all who participated! Keep your eyes open for our next Movable Challenge!