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Blossom is excited to announce the release of our new app, “New Me,” which allows future clients to see what they may look like after having bariatric surgery. The app was specially designed by Dr. Tom, and allows people to upload a current picture of themselves and see the after surgery version of themselves.

Once the post surgery photo has been generated, the app allows users to send their pictures to us, request a quote for surgery, and receive details about the various procedures available through Blossom Bariatrics. Users will also be able to read stories of past clients, learn more about the background of Blossom’s staff, become acquainted with Dr. Tom through an online bio featuring his skills and expertise, and schedule a consultation or sign up to attend a free seminar.

Visualizing your post surgery self is key to a successful transformation of bariatric clients. Once clients can visualize how surgery can help their weight loss goals, they are better prepared to begin the journey of weight loss surgery, and commit to the lifestyle and eating habits necessary to make the dream a reality.

Dr. Tom designed the New Me app with clients in mind to help them make an informed decision and see the benefits that bariatric surgery offers. Blossom’s vision is to help our clients ‘blossom’ into a happier, healthier version of themselves, and this app is the first direction in doing so. To learn more about the app, visit the iTunes store and search for New Me.