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Turn the Pool into Your Personal Fitness Center

As we celebrate America’s freedom on what is one of the hottest days of the year, most people flock to the pool for relaxation and cooling off. But, did you know that exercising in a pool is a great workout and very low impact?

This means it is easy on your joints! Water aerobics also has one of the lowest injury rates for post-op clients. Most weight loss clients who are post-op can perform water aerobics with no other equipment than their pool and swim attire. Whether you are six weeks or six years post op, you can do these moves anytime you have access to a pool.

To get started on water aerobic activities, view the following videos for ideas on moves that can be performed in the pool, and challenge yourself to build up to the ones that are hardest.

Exercise is one of the first parts of the plan to long term health that is overlooked following weight loss surgery. However, studies have shown it plays an important role in the physical and mental well being of a client. Aerobic exercises condition your lungs and heart by using oxygen more efficiently which in turn allows the body to reach and maintain a target heat rate. This rate, is the range of heartbeats per minute that is most beneficial for your body during exercise.

Since you are performing these exercises in the pool, not only are you increasing your heart rate, but you are also challenging your endurance, strength and flexibility.

This summer, free yourself from the heat, and the gym by performing some water aerobics in your pool!


Videos courtesy: PopSugar Fitness