Recovery After Weight Loss Surgery


What to Expect

Enhanced Recovery

At Blossom Bariatrics, its our goal to help you recover as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most of our procedures are done on an out-patient basis, meaning you are able to go home shortly after your procedure once our team deems it safe. That’s why we were early adopters of the ERAS protocol that is sweeping the nation. ERAS (Enhanced Recovery After Surgery) outlines certain recommendations for client care that have been shown to aid in quicker recovery and superior comfort. Among other steps, ERAS begins with proper preoperative nutrition rather than suffering through uncomfortable, non-evidence-based fast required by so many elective surgery providers. Rather, our clients carb-load with a scientifically formulated beverage for faster recovery.

ERAS ends with proper postoperative care (and about 20 other steps in between that you won’t even notice going on). You’ll notice how quickly we have you up and moving around as well as nourishing you postoperatively with IV nutrition.*

ERAS ends with proper postoperative care (and about 20 other steps in between that you won’t even notice going on). You’ll notice how quickly we have you up and moving around as well as nourishing you postoperatively with IV nutrition.*

Taking Care

Bariatric surgery is a major procedure, and recovery doesn’t happen overnight. Therefore, it’s important to follow your surgeon’s postoperative recovery instructions.

Recovery takes effort. The diet is strict. Your body is trying to heal and your weight is beginning to adjust. While the timing varies from client to client, the recovery stage of the process becomes easier once you start to see positive changes. Some of our clients begin to lose pounds within days of their surgery. For others, a couple of months go by before they see noticeable weight loss. With courage and a circle of support, you can make it through recovery.

While we do all we can to ensure the speediest recovery possible, bariatric surgery is a major procedure and requires that you strictly adhere to your surgeon and our staff’s postoperative instructions.*

Postoperative Pain and Discomfort

Recovery TimeMany people think that bariatric surgery will be followed by a long and painful recovery period. However, most clients usually do not have that experience. In fact, many clients who were interviewed spoke of discomfort and soreness rather than pain.*

Out of Commission

As with any major surgery, there will be a recovery period when you’ll have to take it easy. Remember that this is a necessary step and the better care you take during recovery, the quicker you’ll return to normal activity. Recovery time varies from client to client and is also based on the type of surgery you have.

You can expect to be up and moving within hours of your weight loss surgery. While you may move slowly at first, many clients have found that each day often brings improvements. Many clients quickly return to normal activities such as driving, cooking, and caring for children.

How soon will I be able to walk?

Soon after surgery, you will be required to get up and move around. clients are walked around the floor within hours after surgery. And clients are expected to walk several more times prior to discharge from the hospital or surgery center. Upon leaving the hospital or surgery center, you will be able to care for all of your personal needs, including light shopping and lifting.*

How soon can I drive?

You should not drive until you have stopped taking pain medications associated with surgery and can move about alertly. Usually, this takes seven to fourteen days after surgery.*

When can I go back to my normal activity levels?

We encourage clients to return to normal activity quickly after surgery. There is no danger to you in performing normal, light, everyday activities such as walking, cooking, and shopping. Most clients find it enjoyable to begin a light exercise program soon after discharge from the hospital or surgery center. In fact, an early return to activity is important for a safe and speedy recovery. One important point is that while taking narcotic pain medication, clients should not drive or operate machinery. Your return to work is based upon your own personal recovery and the demands of your job. clients often begin light office work on Monday, the week after surgery.*

Should I use birth control?

It is strongly advised that women of childbearing age use the most effective forms of birth control during the first 16 to 24 months after bariatric surgery.

*These are actual testimonials, however, individual results may vary. Price depends on multiple factors including health history and known insurance benefits. Program does not include airfare or meals.

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