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In a recent study performed by Dove, three mothers were asked to write down the things they did and did not like about their bodies. Their daughters were then asked to do the same. When the two lists were compared, they were almost identical between mother and daughter. When the girls were asked why they liked particular features about themselves, they gave almost the same answer as their mothers.


The powerful study illustrates how a mother’s body image directly relates to how her daughter feels about her body. Every negative thought we have about our bodies impacts not only our own body, but it also impacts the little minds and bodies of those around us. In fact, 78% of a woman’s confidence derives from how she feels about her outward appearance. If she doesn’t love what she sees, she will have less confidence.

As the Dove video illustrates, what you say about your body impacts the little ones around you in a very profound way. If you want the little ones in your life to have self confidence, then you have to exhibit it first.

This is especially important on your weight loss journey. By following the 3 StylePsychologyU.S. tips outlined below, you can begin to empower your body image today. Men, if you have little boys in the house, don’t be afraid to do this also. One in every 4 boys have body issues.

  1. Make a list of 5 things you love about your body.
  2. Write 5 positive body affirmations. Examples: I am beautiful when I smile. I am confident with my sexy legs. Men: I have a strong body.
  3. Post these affirmations on the mirror in the space that you get dressed, and say them aloud to everyone in your home at least once a day.

The more that you say positive things about yourself, the more you will begin to believe them. In fact, in just 30 short days, you will notice not only your own body confidence increasing, but also those who live with you.