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*These are actual testimonials, however, individual results may vary. Price depends on multiple factors including health history and known insurance benefits. Program does not include airfare or meals.

Carla Weight Loss Before & After

Carla’s Weight Loss Journey*

I am so excited for my weight loss! I am able to move, breath and work without feeling so exhausted ...
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Tims Weight Loss Journey

Tim’s Weight Loss Story*

This journey has been an incredible adventure. My life restoration is ongoing. My wife has been my greatest support! – ...
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Michael Weight Loss Surgery

Michael’s Weight Loss Success Story*

The reason for my decision to have surgery was my newborn daughter. Now 4 years old, I can play, run ...
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Stella Weight Loss Surgery Procedure

Stella’s Weight Loss Story*

I never believed I would be healthy again! I do not have to take any diabetes meds now and I ...
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Jenna Weight Loss Before & After

Jenna’s Weight Loss Journey*

This was the best decision I’ve ever made. I never thought I would wear a size 10 in pants! It’s ...
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Astrid Weight Loss Review

Astrid’s Weight Loss Story*

I love my sleeve, I would do it again in a heart beat. I got my life back. I’m happy, ...
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Paula Weight Loss Before & After

Paula’s Weight Loss Before & After*

This was the best decision I have made. It’s changed my outlook on life. I feel amazing and back to ...
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Sheila Weight Loss Testimonial

Sheila’s Weight Loss Journey*

I would do it again in a heart beat. This was the best decisions I’ve ever made and can’t believe ...
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Joes Weight Loss Story

Joe’s Story*

This was the best life changing decision I've ever made. I was always tired, depressed and was starting to have ...
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Cindys Weight Loss Journey

Cindy’s Weight Loss Journey*

For me this was life or death. The weight loss has given me years back when I only had days ...
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Tricias Story

Tricia’s Story*

I no longer obsess about food. I’m in control! I no longer live to eat; I eat to live! Having ...
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Vivians Weight Loss Story

Vivian’s Weight Loss Story*

This was the best decision of my life. My one regret is that I waited too long to finally take ...
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Courtneys Story

Courtney’s Story*

I know this was the best decision I made for myself. I don’t have to take anymore meds and I’m ...
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Sandys Weight Loss Story

Sandy’s Weight Loss Story*

I went zip lining on my 65th birthday and went on a 4 hour hike over a glacier in Alaska! ...
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Keren's Story

Keren’s Story*

I love that I have more energy. I do more; I took a trip to a different country because I ...
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Toms Weight Loss Journey

Tom’s Weight Loss Journey*

Everything – I mean everything in my life is easier. I have completely rejuvenated my life from the inside out ...
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