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*These are actual testimonials, however, individual results may vary. Price depends on multiple factors including health history and known insurance benefits.

Carla Weight Loss Before & After

Carla’s Weight Loss Journey*

I am so excited for my weight loss! I am able to move, breath and work without feeling so exhausted ...
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Tims Weight Loss Journey

Tim’s Weight Loss Story*

This journey has been an incredible adventure. My life restoration is ongoing. My wife has been my greatest support! – ...
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Michael Weight Loss Surgery

Michael’s Weight Loss Success Story*

The reason for my decision to have surgery was my newborn daughter. Now 4 years old, I can play, run ...
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Stella Weight Loss Surgery Procedure

Stella’s Weight Loss Story*

I never believed I would be healthy again! I do not have to take any diabetes meds now and I ...
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Jenna Weight Loss Before & After

Jenna’s Weight Loss Journey*

This was the best decision I’ve ever made. I never thought I would wear a size 10 in pants! It’s ...
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Astrid Weight Loss Review

Astrid’s Weight Loss Story*

I love my sleeve, I would do it again in a heart beat. I got my life back. I’m happy, ...
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Paula Weight Loss Before & After

Paula’s Weight Loss Before & After*

This was the best decision I have made. It’s changed my outlook on life. I feel amazing and back to ...
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Sheila Weight Loss Testimonial

Sheila’s Weight Loss Journey*

I would do it again in a heart beat. This was the best decisions I’ve ever made and can’t believe ...
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Joes Weight Loss Story

Joe’s Story*

This was the best life changing decision I've ever made. I was always tired, depressed and was starting to have ...
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Cindys Weight Loss Journey

Cindy’s Weight Loss Journey*

For me this was life or death. The weight loss has given me years back when I only had days ...
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Tricias Story

Tricia’s Story*

I no longer obsess about food. I’m in control! I no longer live to eat; I eat to live! Having ...
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Vivians Weight Loss Story

Vivian’s Weight Loss Story*

This was the best decision of my life. My one regret is that I waited too long to finally take ...
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Courtneys Story

Courtney’s Story*

I know this was the best decision I made for myself. I don’t have to take anymore meds and I’m ...
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Sandys Weight Loss Story

Sandy’s Weight Loss Story*

I went zip lining on my 65th birthday and went on a 4 hour hike over a glacier in Alaska! ...
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Keren's Story

Keren’s Story*

I love that I have more energy. I do more; I took a trip to a different country because I ...
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Toms Weight Loss Journey

Tom’s Weight Loss Journey*

Everything – I mean everything in my life is easier. I have completely rejuvenated my life from the inside out ...
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