Summer Season Sprint Movable Challenge Begins

Summer Season Sprint Begins!

Are you ready for a new challenge this summer? Sprint into the heat of summer season with our latest mini challenge. To keep your summer vacation healthy, set a goal of 200,000 moves (~10,500 moves a day) during this 19-day challenge!

The challenge begins today, July 20th and runs through August 7th. The winner (or winners) will all qualify for a super sensational sipper bottle, and a free bottle of the popular ProHydrate protein and hydrating drink to fill it with! On top of that, there will also be a gift card.

This challenge is a good excuse to use your Movable Bands. If you are new to the Movable Band, you can sync them to your computer for the challenge by entering the group information as follows:

Group Name: Blossom Bodies

Group ID: iloveblossom

If you have yet to grab a Movable band, this challenge is the perfect excuse as it tracks everything for you! The bands run $40 plus tax and are available for purchase at our office. Good luck, and we hope you are all ready to move!

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Blossom Nutritionist

Blossom Nutritionist

Jeni is our registered dietitian. She recently relocated to Las Vegas to escape the long, cold winters of northern Idaho. In addition to being our nutrition specialist, she is also a certified weightlifting and sports performance coach. In her free time, she can usually be found in the gym, hiking with her dogsā€¦or spending entirely too much money at Ikea.

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