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Answered by: the Blossom Team

1. Can I take heartburn medication after surgery?
Yes, if you are experiencing heartburn symptoms you may take an over the counter medication. We suggest omeprazole.


2. When can I have sex after WLS?
In the same way that the recovery period varies by client, so does the “waiting period” for having sex. Some clients are able to resume their sex life within a week or 10 days after surgery while others wait two to three weeks. It just depends on how you are feeling and how your recovery is progressing. Listen to your body and go easy. If having sex does not cause any pain or discomfort, there is no reason to abstain. If it starts to feel uncomfortable, or you are unable to perform other light activities, you may want to wait longer before trying again.


3. What can I take for pain?
You will be given a prescription for pain medication after surgery. After that, Tylenol should be taken for pain. You should avoid NSAIDs post-operatively.


4. I still have gas pain; is that normal?
Gas pain can linger for up to two weeks. During this time, it’s important to walk, walk, walk! If you are concerned about pain, please call your surgeon or our office any time.


5. I haven’t had a bowel movement recently, is that normal?
After the first several weeks of your procedure, and especially during the time you are not eating solid food, it is normal to not have a bowel movement since there is not much in your system to get rid of. Some folks take Miralax or something similar to encourage a bowel movement.


6. How soon until I can exercise after?
After 2 weeks, you are released to resume normal activity – but be mindful of your body and your limits! Walking and swimming are a great way to start. You shouldn’t incorporate compound movements such as squats until you are at least 4 weeks post-op.


7. Can I drink with a straw?
This is a very controversial topic and a very common question. Some surgeons and dietitians suggest you should NEVER drink from a straw again. The concern is swallowing too much air. However, if it helps you drink more, and you are mindful of not swallowing too much air, Alex and our doctors believe it’s okay to drink with a straw, even immediately after surgery! Just make sure to take small sips, and drink slowly!


8. Can I chew gum?
The concern with chewing gum is swallowing it. If you can chew gum without swallowing it, there is no problem. Just be aware!


9. Can I drink while eating?
You can, but we want you to understand it’s important to be aware of eating while drinking. We want you to prioritize fluid and prioritize calories. The volume you can tolerate will prevent you from being able to do both at the same time, so be mindful!


10. How long until I transition to normal food? – When should I make the transition?
Everyone is different, and it’s important to listen to your body. For the first two weeks, you will follow the ‘no-chew’ diet as discussed with Alex and as outlined in the Blossom Binder. At this time, your #1 focus should be PROTEIN and FLUIDS. Refer to the Blossom Binder for details!