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Tabitha Johnson Bariatric Coach & Post-Op Blossom Client
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BariBoss offers one-on-one personalized virtual coaching over the phone, video chat and email. If you’re looking for additional support post-operatively, contact BariBoss to see how they can help!

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For me, bariatric surgery was an answer to prayer.

Tabitha Johnson
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Tabitha Johnson

I’ve struggled with my weight since I was 7 years old and learned to cope with negative feelings by using food as my comfort source.

I would gain and lose 50 to 60 pounds at a time by working out and running, only to continue to obsess about food.

I learned about weight loss surgery through a friend and immediately scheduled a consultation with Blossom. For me, bariatric surgery was an answer to prayer.

I’ve lost over 100 pounds and continue to maintain my weight loss, but more importantly - I feel better than ever!

My body has drastically changed, but my mind still allows for some bad habits to continue. I’m not “cured” by any means, but I now am learning to be the boss of my own body and not allow myself to be a slave to food!

In addition to being a bariatric coach, I’m a licensed Marriage and Family therapist by trade, so I understand that in order to break bad habits, one needs direction and support.

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Allow me to guide you in this incredibly exciting journey. Join the academy now!

Tabitha Johnson

– Bariatric Coach & Post-Op Blossom Client –

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