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*These are actual testimonials, however, individual results may vary. Price depends on multiple factors including health history and known insurance benefits. Program does not include airfare or meals.

Stacy Success Story

Stacy N. – Weight Loss Success Story*

My whole life weight has been an issue and held me back personally and professionally. The person I am after ...
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Patti Success Story

Patty H – Bariatric Weight Loss Before & After*

Why did I wait so long to feel and look awesome?! Just do it!  – Patti H ...
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Kelly Success Story

Kelly O – Bariatric Weight Loss Success*

I’m able to keep up with my two young boys now and would not have been able to do that ...
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Kayla Success Story

Kayla M – Weight Loss Before & After*

At 17 years old and pre-diabetic, the gastric sleeve Dr. Tom performed gave me the life I always dreamed of! ...
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Karen - Weight Loss Success Story

Karen’s – Weight Loss Success Story*

I no longer take blood pressure or diabetes meds and can walk a long way! It’s amazing, I feel like ...
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Jennifer J - Weight Loss Before & After

Jennifer J – Weight Loss Before & After*

Carpe diem! Embrace who you are and enjoy the journey! – Jennifer J ...
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Terri Weight Loss Success Story

Terri L. lost over 80 pounds!*

This has truly been the best thing of my life. I fought my weight my entire life, I was able ...
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Arlene Bariatric Success Story

Arlene B. Weight Loss Success*

If I can do it, so can you! Follow the program and it will work. Make a lifestyle change – ...
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Kay C. lost 110 pounds!*

I feel better, sleep better, have more energy, more confidence AND I feel like I look younger! - Kay C ...
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Chris M lost over 150 pounds!

Chris M. lost over 150 pounds!*

I have learned to live life again. I feel like my world has opened up to many new opportunities! I ...
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Joshua W Bariatric Weight Loss Review

Joshua W. Success Story*

I made the best decision of my life by coming here. I can run now and fit into a chair ...
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Tommy C's Bariatrics Success Story

Tommy C Weight Loss Success*

I’m so glad that I got my surgery done here. The doctors did such a good job – in 19 ...
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Mycas Weight Loss Success Story

Myca’s Success Story*

Blossom’s attention to detail and care for their patients has been a blessing to me. I am no longer taking ...
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Chumlee of History’s Pawn Stars Undergoes Safe Sleeve Procedure

Chumlee of History’s Pawn Stars Undergoes Safe Sleeve Procedure

"For someone like me who's been trying to lose weight their whole life, to be successful in getting the weight ...
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Jeremy Weight Loss Before & After

Jeremy’s Weight Loss Before & After*

At 40 years old I needed to change for my wife and son. My transformation has lead me to a ...
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Tabitha Weight Loss Before & AFter

Tabitha’s Weight Loss Story*

I can finally say that I am learning to be comfortable in my own skin. I’m no longer hiding behind ...
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