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Blossom Fast Track

Weight Loss Surgery in Las Vegas As Little As $6,799*!

Includes Hotel & Ground Transportation!

The Journey to Permanent Weight Loss Is Now Fast AND Affordable!

What Is Blossom's Fast Track Program?

Blossom's Fast Track program is designed to help clients across the US and Canada receive the patented Safe Sleeve weight loss surgery procedure at an affordable cost and in a condensed timeframe. No referrals, clearances, or pre-surgery testing is required prior to arrival. Comprehensive consultation, testing and surgery is completed in-house in as little as just 5 days and includes hotel & ground transportation to and from all appointments!

Blossom Bariatrics New Fastrack Program | Las Vegas
Why Cadriogram

Testing, Consultation, Surgery and IV Therapy completed in as little as just 5 days!

Why Hotel

Hotel Accommodations and Ground Transportation Included. Perfect for Clients Traveling from Out of Town!

Why Coordinator

Appointed Fast Track Coordinator to Assist You Before, During & After Your Procedure

Why Referrals

No Referrals, Clearances, or Pre-Surgery Testing Required Prior to Your Arrival

Why History

History of Medical Weight Loss Not Required

Why Trademarked

No Need to Travel Outside of the Country for Affordable Care!

Why Professionals

The Only Clinic in the US That Performs the Trademarked, Patented Safe Sleeve Procedure

Why Travel

Highly Experienced, Professional, Board-Certified, Fellowship Trained U.S. Bariatric Surgeons

Why Travel

Procedures are performed at Warm Springs Surgical Center - a cutting edge, world-renowned surgery center that has performed over 5,000 bariatric procedures.

Welcome to Las Vegas

No Need to Travel Outside of the United States for Your Procedure!

We're making it easy, fast and affordable for you to get weight loss surgery in beautiful Las Vegas, Nevada! We've eliminated multiple steps by completing all necessary items in-house so you get weight loss surgery and return home in as little as just 5 days! NO Referral, Clearances or Testing beforehand!

Learn the risks associated with traveling outside of the country for weight loss surgery.

How Do I Qualify?

Simply answer 'YES' to the following 6 questions, and you're on your way!
Active Commercial Insurance Coverage
I have active commercial insurance coverage.
No Surgery
I have NOT had weight loss surgery before.
I am Healthy
I am generally healthy and have occasional heartburn. (I do not have heart disease, stroke or kidney failure).
Calculate BMI
I am 50 pounds overweight, or have a BMI between 30-55. Calculate BMI
I Can Walk 200 Feet
I can walk 200 feet without shortness or breath or chest pain, and I am a non-smoker.
Researched Weight Loss Surgery
I've researched weight loss surgery, and believe the Safe Sleeve is right for me!

Did you answer 'no' to one or more questions above?

Don't worry! We can still help you!

Your Blossom Experience in Las Vegas!

Includes Hotel

Includes Hotel for 5 Nights and Ground Transportation!

Provided by our preferred partner, Hampton Inn and Ground Transportation from Presidential Limousine to and from all surgery related appointments!

Day 1

Consultation Day: Meet With Your FastTrack Coordinator, Surgeon and Dietitian. Complete lab work and stress echo.

Your appointments will be in the morning to the early afternoon, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the city!

Blossom's In-House Testing
Consultation Day

Day 3

Safe Sleeve Procedure Completed at Warm Springs Surgical Center - you will be discharged 2-4 hours after your procedure is complete.

Video - What to Expect On the Day Of Your Procedure
What to Expect During Your Procedure

Day 4

Post Operative Appointment with IV Therapy/Fluids. During this appointment you will receive your surgery photos and goodie bag from Blossom.

Day 5

Return home or extend your stay in Las Vegas!

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Vegas Pro Tip: Head down to the Bellagio Fountains for an incredible water show!

How Does Our Price Compare?

Average Cost at Blossom:
Average Cost of Gastric Sleeve in US:

Costs in the U.S. for gastric sleeve can be upwards of $30,000. When researching weight loss clinics, it's important to request a break down or explanation of everything that is included in the price. It's possible that additional services/fees may not be disclosed, with additional costs being billed to you.

With Blossom's Fast Track program, our average price for the gastric sleeve/Safe Sleeve is $9,999 and includes all testing, consultation, surgeon's fees, facility fees and anesthesia fees, as well as hotel & ground transportation for out of state clients.

At Blossom Bariatrics, our goal has always been to be on the forefront of health and wellness by creating a bariatric practice far from ordinary. We will continue to innovate in order to help patients from all across North America gain access to affordable healthcare.
— Dr. Thomas Umbach, MD, FACS

Frequently Asked Questions

  • 5 Night Hotel Stay for You & Your Companion
  • Black Car/Chauffeured Transportation To And From All Of Your Appointments, Airport And Hotel
  • Pre-Operative Surgical Testing Including Labs, Stress Echo, EKG, Psychological Evaluation and Surgical Clearance
  • Personalized Consultation with Registered Dietitian and Board Certified, Fellowship Trained Surgeon
  • Includes All Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon, Anesthesiologist, Facility and Pathology Fees
  • Pre-Operative EGD
  • Post-Operative IV Therapy
  • Hiatal Hernia Repair (If found & diagnosed during EGD)
  • Blossom Bariatrics Digital Handbook for Post Surgery
No problem! We have multiple ways to get you to surgery and accept various insurances and methods of payment. In certain instances, some patients require a more in-depth workup as directed by their insurance company. The best thing to do is submit your information to determine which route is the best for you, and then we will work with you on-on-one to begin your journey!
Every procedure is performed by one of our board certified, fellowship trained bariatric surgeons hand picked by our founder top bariatric surgeon in the country; Dr. Tom Umbach. Our surgeons are trained in the Trademarked, Patented Safe Sleeve procedure and the only surgeons in the country who perform this unique method of the vertical gastric sleeve
All of Blossom's Fast Track procedures are performed at our surgery center, The procedure is generally 45 minutes to an hour and you will be discharged the same day. Overnight stays are not necessary, but are available for an additional fee.
We've designed the Fast Track program to be quick and affordable – minimally, you will be in Las Vegas for 5 days. Many clients choose to extend their stay before or after their procedure to take advantage of all the city has to offer!
We've designed Blossom's Fast Track program to expedite the process of weight loss surgery while providing comprehensive, top-notch care in a spa-like environment. We access your insurance benefits and pass along the savings to our clients by completing all pre-surgical testing in-house, under one roof in a condensed timeframe – saving you time and money. We handle all insurance company correspondence on your behalf!
Each of our surgeons have performed a minimum of 1,000 bariatric procedures and have experience in the most complicated of cases. As a whole, Blossom Bariatrics has performed an average of 1,100 cases per year for the last 7 years! Our surgeons specialize in bariatric surgery and do not perform any other types of procedures.
We cannot stress enough the importance of being forthcoming about your health & medical history, including but not limited to current medications and prior surgeries. The Fast Track program is designed to identify low risk patients who are a good fit for outpatient surgery. Each individual case is left up to the surgeons discretion, and will only be completed if it is deemed safe to do so.

*Blossom's Fast Track program price starts at $6,799 for the Safe Sleeve (gastric sleeve/vertical sleeve gastrectomy) procedure at Warm Springs Surgical Center with commercial/non-government insurance. Includes 5-night hotel stay and ground transportation from the airport to the hotel, to all of your appointments at Blossom and Warm Springs, and back to the airport. Does not include additional transportation.

*Hiatal hernia repair is included in the price if found/diagnosed during EGD procedure.

*Clients must bring an adult over the age of 18 to their EGD appointment and their surgery appointment. Your procedure may be postponed if this guideline is not followed.

*Not applicable for government beneficiaries.