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Safe Sleeve® vs.

Typical Gastric Sleeve

An in-depth look at Blossom’s Patented Procedure

Blossom’s Patented

Safe Sleeve® Procedure

As one of the first surgeons to perform a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in Las Vegas, Nevada, Dr. Tom Umbach has many years of experience in perfecting his VSG technique.

Over the years, Dr. Tom has perfected the Patented Safe Sleeve® – a unique and safer way to perform a vertical sleeve gastrectomy. The Safe Sleeve is performed laparoscopically and on an outpatient basis and only performed by Dr. Tom or his professionally trained surgeons at Blossom Bariatrics.

No Touch Technique

Leaving the remaining tissue untouched helps in the recovery process.

Less Stomach Damage

As a direct result from less contact the stomach incurs less damage.

Safer Approach

With regard to large splenic vessels, this technique is far superior.

Outpatient Surgery Optimized

Our procedures are done at our dedicated surgery center for Blossom clients only!

Titanium Staple Reinforcement

We strictly use pure titanium staples for optimal recovery.

Happier Patients

We see over 1,200 happy clients a year with a 98% satisfaction rate!

Real Results, Guaranteed

How It Works

The Safe Sleeve procedure is our trademarked, patented technique for the way we perform the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. The Safe Sleeve technique creates a safety pocket increasing the space between the organs and allows the remaining tissue to be undisturbed. Dr. Tom and Blossom Bariatrics surgeons are specially trained in the Safe Sleeve technique and no other bariatric surgeon in the country performs the Safe Sleeve operation.