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Blossom Bariatrics receives its 4th US Patent

Blossom patents badgeIn the evolving world of bariatric medicine, Blossom Bariatrics stands out, weaving a unique path of innovation and care. As medical advancements continue, numerous treatments have been introduced to combat obesity. However, it’s our center that is leading the way, armed with not one, but four pioneering patents in surgical weight loss. Blossom is not only enhancing the science behind weight loss but also ensuring that our patients experience the best care possible. This is more than just groundbreaking medical innovation; It’s our commitment to offering a safer, more effective pathway to a healthier life for our patients.

Safe Sleeve© Gastrectomy: Elevating the Standards of Gastric Procedures

In 2016, Blossom Bariatrics received its inaugural patent for the Safe Sleeve©. Beyond a mere modification, this evolution of the traditional gastric sleeve marks a significant leap forward in conventional practices. It brings together modern techniques, surgical expertise, and unwavering dedication to patient care.

Safety First: By crafting a specialized pocket behind the stomach’s fundus, we’ve significantly enhanced the safety of the procedure, ensuring precise operations every time.

Innovative Techniques: The introduction of the instrument tunnel not only streamlines the surgery but also eliminates the need for full stomach mobilization, paving the way for faster recoveries and lower risk of bleeding and injury to nearby organs.

Optimized Visibility: With the lift and section method, we grant our surgeons a crystal-clear view, further boosting the procedure’s security and accuracy.

Blossom’s approach isn’t just about pioneering weight loss methods—it’s about achieving optimal results with safety and sustainability at the forefront.

Turbo Sleeve© Gastrectomy: Dual-action Weight Loss Tailored for Optimized Results

Sips procedure diagramWithin Blossom’s comprehensive range of bariatric solutions our second patent, the Turbo Sleeve© (AKA SIPS or Loop DS) stands out. More than just a surgery, it encapsulates our dedication to a dual-action approach, balancing scientific innovation with personalized care to meet the unique weight loss goals of our patients.

Comprehensive Approach: Uniting the best of both worlds—the restriction of the gastric sleeve and the malabsorption of the duodenal switch—the Turbo Sleeve© not only reduces the size of the stomach but also modulates the body’s nutrient absorption process. This dual-action procedure promises a comprehensive and effective weight loss strategy.

 Two Tailored Options:

  • For the High BMI Patient: Recognizing the challenges faced by those with a particularly high BMI, the Turbo Sleeve can be utilized as a primary procedure, offering a robust and optimized approach to weight loss for this group.
  • Revision for Sleeve Veterans: For those who’ve previously undergone the sleeve gastrectomy but have experienced weight regain or failed to achieve their optimal weight loss, the Turbo Sleeve serves as a powerful revisional option, revitalizing their weight loss journey.

Pioneering such nuanced approaches reinforces our dedication to every patient’s unique journey, ensuring their path to health is as effective and sustainable as possible.

Learn More - Turbo Sleeve®

 Hiatal Hernia Repair: Tackling Obesity’s Silent Companion.

As obesity becomes more common, there’s a noticeable increase in the occurrence of hiatal hernias among affected individuals. Given the intricate connection between obesity and hiatal hernias, Blossom’s expert surgeons have crafted a unique solution with our third patent.

Targeted Treatment: Recognizing that hiatal hernias are more common in individuals struggling with obesity, our patented procedure provides a bespoke approach. This ensures that patients receive specialized care, tailored specifically to meet their unique needs.

Accuracy First: With a commitment to precision, our technique aims to drastically reduce post-operative complications and pain, while minimizing the potential for follow-up procedures or revisits.

Comprehensive Care: Our treatment isn’t just about addressing the hernia but understanding its root cause. In treating the hernia while concurrently addressing the weight, we’re pioneering a two-pronged strategy. This ensures patients not only get relief from the hernia but also find a sustainable path to a healthier future via a weight loss procedure.

Enhanced Recovery and Comfort: Leveraging refined techniques, our procedure guarantees patients a more comfortable postoperative experience. Quicker recovery times and an optimized surgical journey ensure patients can return to their daily lives with minimal delay.

By merging weight loss strategies with hernia management, our objective is crystal clear: provide immediate relief while laying the foundation for a long-term, healthier life for our patients.

Post Gastrectomy Anchoring: Paving the Way for Sustainable Results

Bariatric procedures have the power to change lives, but the journey doesn’t end after the surgery. Recognizing potential post-operative challenges, Blossom Bariatrics unveiled our fourth patented solution: a unique gastric anchoring method, emblematic of our continual pursuit of excellence and patient-centric care.

Stability Enhanced: The anchoring procedure has been meticulously designed to prevent potential stomach twisting or migration. This ensures not just a smoother recovery, but also a more stable long-term post-surgical outcome.

Minimized Complications: By anchoring the stomach post-gastrectomy, we reduce the chances of complications arising from stomach movement. This means fewer unexpected hospital visits and a more consistent road to recovery. It also enhances the ability to tolerate oral intake after surgery.

Optimized Digestive Process: The anchoring procedure ensures that the stomach remains in its intended position, facilitating better digestion and nutrient absorption. Our method ensures that post-surgery, patients feel as close to their natural state as possible. It’s not just about weight loss – it’s about overall health and optimal body function.

Marrying surgical expertise with a deep understanding of post-operative challenges, our patented anchoring procedure is not just a surgical technique; it’s a promise of sustainability. We’re ensuring that our patients’ weight loss journey is not only transformative but also free from potential post-surgical pitfalls, steering them towards a healthier, brighter future.

All gastric sleeve procedures performed at Blossom Bariatrics and Warm Springs Surgical Center are done with our unique, patented approach.

Success Stories: A Testament to Blossom’s Pioneering Approach

Our patented procedures have led to an overwhelming number of positive testimonials from our patients. Their feedback speaks for itself, but for the skeptics, our glowing reviews on platforms like Google and Facebook might provide further assurance.

  • Accelerated recovery times.
  • Reduced post-operative complications.
  • Enhanced satisfaction with their surgical experience.
  • Noticeable and sustainable weight loss results.
  • Heightened post-operative comfort levels.
  • A more informed and supportive pre-surgery consultation.
  • A marked improvement in overall well-being post-surgery.

An Edge in Excellence: Our Patented Advantage

In the competitive landscape of bariatric medicine, our patented procedures propel us to the forefront, setting Blossom apart from the multitude of weight loss centers. These innovations underline our commitment to safety, precision, and long-term success. Beyond just surgical excellence, our dedication is unwavering. At Blossom Bariatrics, every individual isn’t merely a patient—they represent a unique journey to a healthier, transformed life, and a brighter future realized.