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Jessica & Ramon underwent a Safe Sleeve at Blossom and now they feel better than ever – if you’d like to read more about their remarkable weight-loss journey watch the video above or click here to read their full story in an issue of People Magazine.

Couples who support each other during surgery and beyond are helping to create a brighter future together. No journey is too great when you have the right support!

When it comes to their health journey, this Blossom Bariatric Surgery couple is inspiringly in it together. Here is their story of how they supported each other during this process!

Meet Jessica and Ramon. They met each other on the TV show ‘The Biggest Loser’.

After appearing on the show they slowly regained the weight they had lost.

Then they decided to turn their story around! Together they came into Blossom for weight-loss surgery.

1 year post-op Jessica lost 156 lbs and Ramon lost 130 lbs! 

“Having a friend or partner along the way helps a ton. I know the excuses you are using. I had them too – and even now they still try to creep back in, but I won’t let them because when you experience the feeling of being proud of the hard work you did and the effort you put into yourself, the pride fuels the lifelong commitment.” 

– Jessica & Ramon @vsg.together

Together, Jessica and Ramon have taken a huge step and invested in their health with Bariatric Surgery at Blossom!