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Dr. Umbach,

I just wanted to wish you & your wonderful staff for everything you all have done for me. Because of all of you, this is going to be the bestest Christmas for me ever!!! I am now 67lbs. lighter from the last time you saw me July 13, 2012. I’m only 33lbs. till I reach my goal of 100lbs. gone. I really do hope you remember me, considering all the patients you see everyday, but just so you know, I will ALWAYS remember you & your staff.

I sent you a picture of my progress so far wishing you all a Merry, Merry Christmas. Please share with the rest of your staff…Thank you again, and I will for sure stop in and visit when Mary Grove & I return in July 2013 to do the zip-down down Fremont St. LOL

– Michelle Short


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