I Am 67 lbs. Lighter

Dr. Umbach,

I just wanted to wish you & your wonderful staff for everything you all have done for me. Because of all of you, this is going to be the bestest Christmas for me ever!!! I am now 67lbs. lighter from the last time you saw me July 13, 2012. I’m only 33lbs. till I reach my goal of 100lbs. gone. I really do hope you remember me, considering all the patients you see everyday, but just so you know, I will ALWAYS remember you & your staff.

I sent you a picture of my progress so far wishing you all a Merry, Merry Christmas. Please share with the rest of your staff…Thank you again, and I will for sure stop in and visit when Mary Grove & I return in July 2013 to do the zip-down down Fremont St. LOL

– Michelle Short

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Tom Umbach

Tom Umbach

Bariatrics is Dr. Umbach’s Passion! His practice is 100% devoted to helping Las Vegas gastric sleeve and gastric bypass clients achieve healthier lifestyles. It brings him great pleasure to see clients shed their excess weight and enjoy the simple pleasures of life – playing with their children or grandchildren, riding a roller coaster for the first time, or starting to date and travel.

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  • Great video. Although you focus on band patients, a bell went off when I wathced it (7 years bypass). I have been wrestling with about thirty pounds and I realized just this Sunday at dinner at a friend’s house that I could only (still) eat about 1/2 of a burger with no bun and salad earlier in the week, I had dinner with a friend and because she is an Atkins-dieter, I ate what she did a bunless quarter pounder. Half when into the McD’s trash hello, Karen, if you just eat protein and salad and EXERCISE, you can whittle away that 30 pounds!

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