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Hi. I’m John Eathorne. I went through surgery about two and one-half weeks ago. I want to say something positive: the pre-operation diet really helped. I’ve gone from 274..275…down to 244 today–in about three weeks, and it hasn’t hurt. Once you get into the style of things and the thinking of things, it’s not a bad program, if you’re motivated. I guess at this age I was motivated; I am 66 years old. I put on a lot of weight right after retirement.

But I also should say some negative things that worked out positive. The first six hours after surgery–with all the air in your system–is a b*tch! But then, about three o’clock in the morning–POOF!–I said, “Oh. I’m ok,” and from then on there were very little problems. Once in a while, in the two weeks afterwards, there was some–what I call a–“pulling pain,” and it’s just normal after surgery; it was nothing severe. I didn’t have to take any fancy pain relievers and stuff like that.

I learned as I went. One day I was feeling cruddy, and I had a half a banana–felt great right after the banana! Another day I almost cheated and I stopped at Subway; I got a meatball sandwich and ate two of the meatballs–doing the twenty chews–and it was great! I felt great! So, those two things and they told me here it was probably low sugar, and I’ve never had low sugar before.

But I tell you what–I’m very positive about it. My next goal is 230, and then after that I call that virgin territory, because I haven’t been lower than that since I was in my 20s.

I would recommend this to those people who are motivated enough to stick with the program.

The main reason I came in here is I was having a lot of trouble with Sciatica and the fact that it was extremely difficult for me to even get up and down out of chairs. And I thought this would be a good attack, because it would give me the opportunity to exercise more. And I tell you–immediately after surgery, all of a sudden I do this (John stands up from his chair and sits back down two times with ease) without pain, which is something I couldn’t do hardly without lifting and pushing on devices to help get me out of my [chair]. So, it had additional advantage[s] for me.