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New Weight Loss Surgery… ReShape Dual Balloon

I’d like you to meet my good friend Kate,
who’s attempting again to lose some weight.
She’s tried for years to shed some pounds.
She just gets so hungry, needs second and third rounds.
See sadly what Kate has not as yet learned,
is diets don’t work, they just leave her burned.
When she starts restricting the things that she eats
limiting her portions or goodies and sweets
a biological process fires off really quick
it’s strong and it’s powerful and fast as a flick.
Her brain believes that food must be low,
whether from famine, disease, or a lack of dough.
So her body is told to use muscle for fuel
and to store her fat, we know, it’s cruel.
Then there’s that pesky that irksome ghrelin,
that meddlesome hormone gets your stomach a growlin.
When your stomach is empty he works full force.
You feel pain. You feel hunger. You could eat a horse.
It’s no wonder that nine out of ten gain back
all the weight that was lost while they were on track.
So Kate, don’t fall for that diet chicanery,
You know it won’t work and it just makes you ornery.
But what can you do? You can just start over.
It won’t help to wish or find a four-leaf clover.
There must be a way you’ve surely thought,
to train my brain. It can be taught.
Well Kate, you’re right, there is a way.
Just listen to what Dr. Tom has to say.
Weight loss can require far more than strong will,
yet isn’t much harder than swallowing a pill.
The ReShape Dual Balloon works like so.
We put it inside you, then make it grow.
Taking up space, you feel full much faster,
you shift eating habits and become your own master.
After about three months, to perhaps one year,
the pounds lost will make you cheer.
I’ll remove your balloon and set you free,
to start anew and be what you want to be.
A brand new start awaits you Kate.
It’s effective and safe, so schedule a date.
Then tell are your friends about your health exaltation
and invite them to schedule a no-risk consultation.

Blossom Bariatrics is a weight loss surgery center located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Award winning surgeon, Dr. Thomas Umbach, is dedicated to helping individuals improve their health, and live more fulfilling lives by losing their excess weight.

Over the years, Dr. Tom has helped hundreds of clients lose thousands of pounds through the gastric bypass, gastric lap band and gastric sleeve procedures. His clients have truly Blossomed as they have gone on to enjoy the simple pleasures of life again; such as playing with their children or grandchildren, riding a roller coaster for the first time, or starting to date and travel.

Dr. Tom Umbach is a nationally recognized, fellowship-trained Las Vegas bariatric surgery specialist. His gastric bypass practice specializes in both advanced and traditional laparoscopic (minimally invasive) procedures. The bariatric practice delivers outcomes that exceed national averages of weight-management success due to Dr. Umbach’s surgical expertise, compassionate care, and exemplary pre- and post-surgery services.

If you are looking for the premier weight loss surgery center located in Las Vegas, Nevada contact Blossom Bariatrics today at (702) 463-3300 or visit