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Dr. Umbach’s office is very nice and clean. He has a one stop office for all of your bariatric surgery needs from the protein shakes for your liquid diet to the nutritionist for your insurance approvals. I began to see Dr. Umbach in July of 2010. I fought with my insurance for approval and finally had surgery on December 1, 2010. I was the first client in that day. Dr. Umbach was early to surgery which was a huge relief to see him wide eyed with a smile and his black coat on!! LOL. I told him this was impressive. I had absolutely NOT ONE complication and I stayed overnight because of the intense gas pains. I went home the next day and once I was on solid foods I was 100% and I still am. The first three weeks I was down 27lbs from my highest weight and 21 from surgery. Weight loss has slowed down for me but I am sure with exercise I will be back on track. I recommend him 100%. So Dr. Umbach is recommended in my book.



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