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Las Vegas, Nevada is home to nationally renowned, board-certified and fellowship-trained surgeon, Dr. Tom Umbach. With more than 15 years of specialized experience in gastric bypass, gastric sleeve and lap band surgery, Dr. Umbach has been named one of the “Nation’s Leading Bariatric Surgeons” and “Best Healthcare Consultants.” Together with his compassionate staff, Blossom Bariatrics attracts clients worldwide with unparalleled pre- and post-operative support, unmatched pricing, state of the art facility and world-class expertise.


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Dr. Tom is an award-winning, board certified, bariatric surgeon with over 15 years of bariatric surgery experience. He's passionate about helping you Blossom into your happiest, healthiest self.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Learn how the gastric sleeve procedure reduces hunger and the size of your stomach, helping you achieve life changing weight loss.

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Find out if you’re a candidate, which surgery is right for you and what to expect before during and after your weight loss journey with Blossom Bariatrics!

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Kristy lost over 100 lbs at Blossom Bariatrics. View more success stories and discover how Dr. Tom can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

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Recent Reviews:

My journey to bariatrics sleeve surgery began in April 2016 as I started to research where to have the surgery done. I live in Arizona so I looked into what was available to me in Phoenix, then I looked into what Las Vegas had to offer and that's when I found Blossom Bariatrics. I started watching their UTube videos and liked what I was seeing. In May I had my first appointment that was very informative and very thorough. I have completed all my pre surgery test and appointments and I am now waiting for authorization from my insurance. This has so far been an amazing journey and the staff at Blossom have been fabulous! I highly recommend Blossom Bariatrics for your weight loss journey!!!

- Susan Leslie Carapella July 18

I love this place. Most of the staff are soo friendly and it has been a pleasure choosing them for my weight loss journey. What can i say?? Dr umbachs the best!!

- Morrison Candace July 16

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