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Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas!

Our Fast Track program was designed to help clients across the US receive the patented Safe Sleeve weight loss surgery procedure at an affordable cost and in a condensed time-frame. No referrals, clearances, or pre-surgery testing is required prior to arrival!

Comprehensive consultation, testing and surgery is completed in-house in as little as 5 days and includes hotel & ground transportation to and from all appointments!

The Fast Track program was created after several years of research and development and a team of dedicated individuals with a passion to help people live a longer, healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle.

Dr. Tom has always run his business differently than any other doctor or hospital in the country. On the forefront of research, education and business development, Blossom Bariatrics has continuously innovated health care and will continue to do so in the years to come. We are so excited to welcome you to our incredible city, and we’re so pleased you chose us to begin your weight loss journey.

Our entire staff is here to help you through the process, answer your questions and make you as comfortable as possible. Let us know how we can help!

Learn About Fast Track

Learn about our Fast Track Program. Consult to surgery in as little as just 5 days!

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