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Click Here to View the October Issue of the Blossom Bulletin

October can be a month when people are forced to face their fears. One of those fears might pertain to bariatric surgery. In this issue of the Blossom Bulletin, we address some of those fears. What are you afraid of? Let the team at Blossom Bariatrics help you not only face that fear, but overcome it.

  • Blossom Beauty: Fear of the Dressing Room
  • Blossom Buddies: Fear of Failure
  • Blossom Bites: Scare Your Halloween Candy Temptations Away
  • More Blossom Bites: Have No Fear! Dark Chocolate Is Here!

You’ll also find success stories, information about our upcoming Support Groups, Info about our new joint campaign with iHeart Radio and DJ Big D, messages from Dr. Tom and our staff, and more! We hope you enjoy it!