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fear of the dressing room 19098298_mlAs a potential bariatric surgery client, you may have some fear in regards to the procedure and life after. It may feel scary to think about how you will change your diet post surgery, how you will handle your changing body, and how you will dress it. While these fears are normal, the one place you don’t need to fear is the dressing room.

Prior to surgery you may have envisioned shopping experiences like those seen on TV where women go out together for a day and everything fits perfectly, or they are even able to ask for an item in a smaller size. However, now that you are past your plus size days, it may feel more intimidating than you hoped to step outside the comfort zone of your sweatpants and baggy tees. The big fear for men and women alike, is how to transition from hiding your body to feeling comfortable with it, to even flaunting it, after surgery.

Purchasing new clothes post surgery is like a double edge sword. It is exciting to try on new sizes and styles that you were not able to before, and frustrating because, as you lose more weight, you know they won’t fit for long. Here are a few tips on how to overcome the fear of shopping for flattering clothes for your new body.

Clean Out Your Closet

We are all guilty of stashing those too-small jeans away in hopes that they will once again fit one day. Today is that day! Go through your closet and make the clothes that were once too small last as long as possible during your post-surgery transition.

Go Back to Basics

If you are at the point of purchasing new clothes, buy only a few items that can mix and match until you have reached your goal weight. This strategy allows you to save money for that day when you can go on your final shopping spree! Fabrics that can shrink with you, such as a lycra/spandex blend, are advisable as they are more forgiving while still losing the weight, and look great once your goal is reached.

Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Used

Second hand stores are a weight loss clients best friend! By shopping in these stores, not only do you have a place to donate your clothes that are now too big, but you have a place to find smaller items without breaking the bank. If there is not a consignment or second hand store in your area, consider starting a clothing exchange with friends and family members, or others who are going through the weight loss surgery transition period.

Challenge yourself to face your fears of the dressing room, and open up the world of fashion that awaits!