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Dressing for the holidays is something to look forward to. You get to put away the ugly sweater and bring out the glitter and glam! This year more than ever, celebrate your body and how far you have come on your weight loss journey by choosing party attire that flatters your body…no matter the shape or size! Follow these simple tips for dressing your shape this season.


HeartGemHeart Gem – Bigger on Top

  • A supportive bra is key-make sure your dress your sleeves are thick enough to conceal it
  • Find a dress that nips in at the waistline to show off some curves. Designs with horizontal ruching at the waist will give you a defined waist.
  • Always look for a flattering neckline. Show some skin around the neck by choosing V-neck and sweetheart shapes.
  • An A-line flair will balance out the top half perfectly.



brioletteBriolette Gem – Bigger on the Bottom

  • Strapless or halter dresses are beautiful options for keeping the focus toward the upper half of the body.
  • Look for a structured A-line bottom with horizontal detail to minimize the bottom half.
  • Pointy shoes will always elongate the legs.




WomenRoundGemRound Gem – Round through the Middle

  • Two piece evening wear can really be your best friend.
  • Look for tops in a stiffer stretch material with some ruching around the midsection to keep everything tightened up.
  • Pair a solid top with a print skirt to trick the eye and draw the focus down.




HourglassGemHourglass Gem – Curvy

  • Choosing a straight dress will accentuate curves.
  • Play up your hourglass silhouette by wearing 1950’s style dresses. (Everything in this era was made for your body type!)
  • Diagonal patterns also show off the natural body shape.




EmeraldGemEmerald Gem – No Curves

  • Choose fabrics with sheen to call attention to your body shape.
  • Look for halter-tops to emphasize the shoulders.
  • A softly draped A-line or pencil skirt bottom will add shape to a straight frame.






ShortGem (1)Short Gem – Short and Round in the Middle

  • A two-button jacket with a low stance will elongate the body.
  • Thin pinstripes will also trick the eyes.
  • Monochromatic looks can also make you appear taller. Remember, appearing taller means appearing leaner.




TriangleAthletic / Triangle Gem – Broad Shoulders, Narrow Hips

  • A tuxedo jacket is a chic option for the holidays.
  • Choose a wide leg pant to balance out the bottom.
  • A striped shirt can add a little more dazzle to the top.




RoundGemRound Gem – Round in the Middle

  • The key is to have a well fitting jacket. You may even want to have a jacket taken to the tailor so it fits just right. Something too big will make you look rounder.
  • Bold and irregular designed shirts will camouflage the tummy.
  • Keep shirt un-tucked if possible.




And remember the key to any man’s sharp image is a nice watch and shined shoes. Don’t get all dapper and look down to see a hot mess!


The holiday season is all about celebrating. Take the time to celebrate the body you have and how far you have come on your weight loss journey by choosing holiday attire that is flattering on your body shape.