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“For someone like me who’s been trying to lose weight their whole life, to be successful in getting the weight off, but then only to find out once you change your routine and diet all the weight just piles back on, it’s really discouraging. I’ve been on a roller coaster of weight loss and gain my whole life. I decided that to keep the weight off for good, this was the best way for me. I’m committed to this and will take the steps needed as far as smaller portions and eating less. I’ve already lost almost 40 pounds on the pre-op diet and have set my goal to getting under 200 pounds. I look forward to the year ahead and appreciate the support of my family and friends as I undertake this weight loss journey,” said Chumlee.

“I’m excited for Austin. Just like most of us, he has the drive and motivation to lose weight, but keeping it off was the challenge. That’s where the surgery shines! He’s the ideal candidate for weight loss surgery – someone who has struggled with losing weight, keeping it off, regaining it back again. Now all of his efforts will pay off, rather than a cycle of losing and gaining it back, it’s time to lose it and keep it off!” states Dr. Matthew Apel, surgeon at Blossom Bariatrics who has completed over a thousand bariatric cases in just 18 months.

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